Lavender happy with career at Arizona

Brendon Lavender will likely play his last home game at Arizona on Saturday. Read on to see his thoughts on his career, this season, and more.

There may be one more game before Brendon Lavender's last day in McKale Center and while he is trying not to look ahead too much, it is also difficult to avoid looking back at his accomplishments within the Arizona program.

"It is going to be an emotional and big day for us," Lavender said of Saturday's game against UCLA. "It is our last home game as seniors and in our college career, but at the same time in order to be successful this week we have to focus on today's practice. As players we need to look at today's practice, tomorrow's practice, and USC."

In Lavender's time at Arizona, there were players that did not get to see the playing time they wanted. Some made a big deal out of it while others quietly went on their way.

However, Lavender quietly worked hard and made sure that if he was going to stay at Arizona, it was going to lead to legitimate playing time.

"Definitely glad I have stuck it out," Lavender said. "I have had a lot of lows, but also had some highs. I guess that is one thing I have learned is that you really have to have faith and stick it out because usually there is light at the end of the tunnel."

Lavender admits that his career at Arizona has been a bit unpredictable and he still is not sure how it is going to end.

In terms of his reaction to that reality, Lavender says he is just fine with how things are going to play out for him, as long as it includes winning.

"I really did not know what is going to happen and still don't know what is going to happen after this," Lavender said. "As of today I am definitely happy with what we have done and personally what I have done. I just want to keep winning and definitely want to try and make the tournament my last year."

The one aspect of Lavender's future that is nearly undeniable is that he has become a dangerous shooter, which he attributes to hard work with one of his teammates.

"We have always worked as hard as we can throughout the summer, me and Fogg especially, and we motivate each other, try to see who can shoot more," Lavender said. "He is a great shooter and I am surprised he is not number one, but I am definitely happy I am up there with some of the best shooters."

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