Winslow impressed with Arizona

Justise Winslow is one of the top players in 2014 and recently visited Arizona. Read on for his thoughts on the visit, other schools recruiting him, and more.

2014 shooting guard Justise Winslow is one of the top prospects in the country, regardless of class, but you wouldn't know it from listening to him.

"I don't get caught up in all the rankings," said the 6-foot-4 shooting guard from St. John's High School in Houston, Texas. "I've got a lot to work on and I'm just trying to improve as much as possible.

"I'm running with the Houston Hoops this summer and we're going to be playing against the best teams. This is an important summer for me. I really want to work on becoming more of a guard and improving my perimeter defense, ball handling, shooting and strength."

While many kids are involved in state tournaments, this isn't the case with Winslow.

"I go to a private school, so things are a bit different," Winslow said. "Our season has ended, so I'm in the midst of checking out different colleges and just trying to get a head start."

Winslow likes a number of colleges, but isn't ready to narrow down his list.

"There are so many schools I like," Winslow said. "I've visited a lot of places and I'm just trying to get a feel for the schools. I really can't begin to give a real accurate list. All of the schools have things that make them attractive.

"I'm definitely going to take my time and I probably won't decide until sometime around my senior year."

Winslow is still getting acquainted with UA, but finds much to like in the school.

"I really like the campus," Winslow said. "The campus is big and beautiful, but at the same time it's not too big. It just has a really nice atmosphere to it."

UA's coaching staff has made a solid impression on Winslow.

"I have talked with Joe Pasternack and he is a great guy," Winslow said. "I've talked with Sean Miller and he's another good guy with a good reputation. They've watched me play a lot and I've definitely noticed it."

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