Final Player Power Rankings

With the regular season coming to a close, takes the opportunity to rank the players this season. Read on to see our individual rankings.

With the season coming to an end, now is a good time to take a look at the team and come forward with our final player rankings.

1. Solomon Hill: Hill has come up big in numerous situations when Arizona needed him the most but, more importantly, he has had a consistent season. Hill is averaging about 12 points per game and is Arizona's leading rebounder, shooter, and assist man. In a season in which Arizona has needed Hill to step up and be aggressive, he has done just that.

There is still plenty of time to add to his legacy at Arizona and it will be interesting to see how he does on the biggest stage of the season next week. If Arizona is going to have success in this next week or so, it will need Hill to play as he has all season.

2. Kyle Fogg: Fogg may take the most criticism on the team and it really does not make a lot of sense to us. If you were to ask the coaching staff who the most important player on the team is, there is a good chance that answer would be Kyle Fogg. His shooting percentage is only 41, but he leads the team with 13 points per game and stepped up on the glass later in the season when Arizona needed him to.

Fogg is going to end his career in the top ten in numerous statistical categories at Arizona. We are not going to make the argument that he is one of the best players in school history, but he deserves plenty of credit. This is a guy that gives it is all every game and is easily Arizona's best defender. There are numerous games this season that Arizona could not have won or even been in if it was not for Fogg.

3. Jesse Perry: Perry has been overmatched physically in nearly every game this season and yet continues to come out and play hard every game. He is certainly not the biggest player, yet averages 7 rebounds per game and is second on the team in blocks. Perry is also shooting 49 percent from the field and turns the ball over only a little more than once per game.

Perry came here with nearly no expectations because people did not know much about him. What Arizona got was a player that was a model citizen while at Arizona and gave it his all. Players like Perry may be not lauded as much as others, but frankly they should be.

4. Josiah Turner: This is where the rankings get difficult, but the players involved are so close together. We're going to give Turner the nod at the fourth spot because he improved as the season went on. There were definitely some struggles and low points, but he seems to be a more mature player than he was at the start of the season and he is definitely a better player.

Turner is at his best when he is aggressive and although his personality does not necessarily match that, he needs to be that type of player. It will be very interesting to see the kind of jump Turner makes from his freshman season to his sophomore season. He is going to have more talent to play with and we would be surprised if he was not a better player next season.

5. Brendon Lavender: It has been a long journey for Lavender, but one that has culminated in the best season of his career at Arizona. Lavender is shooting 50 percent from three and while that is nearly all that he does, Lavender does it at such a high level, that he deserves credit for it. Beyond his shooting ability, he also seems to add energy to Arizona when he gets going from behind the arc. When Arizona was in need of a player to stretch opposing defenses, Lavender stepped up and became that player.

6. Nick Johnson: Johnson has been extremely inconsistent this season, as he has shown flashes of greatness, but has also had some terrible games. The potential is definitely there and it is difficult to remember that he is just a freshman because there has been a lot of pressure put on him. Johnson is the type of player that will likely see his offense improve, but eventually his defense will need to improve as well. This was not a failure of a season by any means and there are numerous reason why Johnson deserves credit.

7. Angelo Chol: Chol is another example of a player that has improved as the season went on. He still has a ton of work to do in terms of having better hands and becoming more of an effective offensive player. However, he has done a good job of learning where to be on defense and it has resulted in becoming one of Arizona's better post defenders. Due to the learning curve, there was plenty of inconsistency from Chol this season, but that is going to change with coaching.

8. Jordin Mayes: Mayes became more of a role player than anything this season and is currently fighting through an injury. For a player that is likely more comfortable off the ball, Mayes needs to shoot better than the 37 percent he has shot this season. Mayes will likely be looked at next year for a veteran presence, but he still needs to prove that he is good enough to be able to stay on the court to do that.

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