Wildcats only focused on winning

With tournament projections and scenarios making their way through the media, the Arizona players have taken the approach of focusing on one gamer at a time. Read on for their thoughts on the team, Arizona State, and more.

Arizona has had a relatively relaxing week, as teams across the country play multiple games with their tournament life at stake and the Wildcats only have one game on Sunday.

"I think that is what is best for our team," Kyle Fogg said. "Guys are playing a lot of minutes and we are beat up after a long season. After a couple of days off this week I think everybody is feeling great."

Solomon Hill agrees with Fogg and even takes it a step further, as he says it is beneficial to be playing Arizona State the last game.

"I think it is a good thing," Hill said. "We get more rest. We get to stay on our home floor and rest up. ASU is not a long trip. It is not really draining on our bodies.

"We play one game on Sunday, but teams play two games this week and practice hard for each team while we have a day off to rest up. Just going up to ASU and being back in our own bed that same night is a big difference."

While Arizona is certainly preparing for the Sun Devils, Hill also says that the team has taken a broader approach to practice this week.

"I think guys just need to be keying in on things we do," Hill said. "We can always focus on the things ASU likes to do scouting wise, but I think the more important thing is to just key in on our execution, things we like to do on the court, doing things our way. Just preparing us for the Pac-12 tournament because in that amount of time you really do not have a lot of time to prepare for the opponent."

The only negative to having the week off is all the speculation about whether or not Arizona will make the NCAA tournament. However, Hill says that the UA's postseason fate depends on one simple thing.

"I think our mindset was always to win it regardless," he said. "If we were a lock for the tournament, if we weren't a lock, I think our main focus every time we play a game is to win it and by doing it, winning the Pac-12 tournament would be part of that.

"I don't see why anybody else on the team would even relax. Even if we were a lock for March Madness, I think our goal would be the same."

Fogg also will not speculate on Arizona's postseason chances, but feels confident with how the Wildcats are currently playing.

"The most important part is that we are playing our best basketball at the end and we are really on the rise while some teams peaked early and are on the fall," Fogg said. "I think guys are buying in and everybody is working hard every day and I expect us to keep getting better and better and I think that is something people really look at."

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