Miller disappointed with Arizona's position

Sean Miller met with the media to discuss numerous topics on Tuesday. Read on for his thoughts on the team's expectations, possible opponent, and more.

Sean Miller is not happy with the way that Arizona's season has gone, but there is still time to put a positive spin on the way it could end up.

"I think our record right now in postseason is the same as everybody's right now, 0-0, and that is the healthy way of looking at it," Miller said. "We don't have to win four games in four days. There is really only three other teams that can say that and we earned that through 18 conference games and a lot of our good play in February."

Miller takes a lot of blame for how the season has turned out, but also says that the objective is to still win its remaining games.

"I am disappointed as we are right now," he said. "There's a new season beginning, so our objective is to win three games in three days. When you are the head coach at Arizona, it is about winning or competing for a regular season championship, it is about being part of the NCAA tournament, and having a team that can advance in the NCAA tournament like we did last year.

"I can come up with a lot of reasons why we are not at that point right now but that is my job, that is my staff's job and if we don't do that, it is disappointing and that's on me."

In order to have a shot at getting to the finals of the Pac-12 tournament, Miller says that the freshmen are going to need to play well.

"They have to be consistent," Miller said. "The bigger the game, the bigger the stage, sometimes freshmen in their first time through are different with their personality. We need those guys to play the game hard, play together, and stay on course. Take care of the basketball and just be solid. Be consistent throughout those 40 minutes."

The goal may be to win three games, but winning the tournament opener likely against UCLA will be no easy task.

"We've played them twice and we have had two of our worst offensive performances against them numbers wise," Miller said. "Their length around the basket bothers us. I think for us to beat them, we have to be better on offense against them this third time.

"Good on defense. I would almost chalk our defense up as a given but based on what we just went through, I can't do that right now."

Miller knows the challenges that come with coaching at Arizona and wants to make sure that expectations remain high.

"This is the University of Arizona," he said. "I am not walking down the street feeling like we've accomplished a great deal. The bar here is extremely high and we are not going to lower it for any other reason. We have had a lot of things that have hurt us, but the objective is to win a conference championship, be a part of the NCAA tournament, to advance, all of the things we did last year.

"Each year is different, but that is the challenge every year and we have to be consistent and do that year in and year out and that is what we aspire to become."

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