Breakdown: Arizona vs. Colorado

Arizona will face Colorado on Saturday. Read on for a complete breakdown of the game, including a prediction.

PG: Jordin Mayes (6-2, 196, So.) vs. Nate Tomlinson (6-3, 185, Sr.)

Mayes has not been spectacular in the Pac-12 tournament, but he has definitely been good enough. Arizona does not need him to go out and dominate, as really he just needs to play 20 solid minutes where he does not turn the ball over much. Tomlinson broke out a bit and scored 10 points against Cal, which is surprising when you look at his body of work as a whole. What he does do well is run Colorado's offense and defend, but in terms of overall production, Mayes should be able to be right there.

Advantage: Even

SG: Kyle Fogg (6-3, 188, Sr.) vs. Spencer Dinwiddie (6-5, 190, Fr.)

Dinwiddie has struggled in the Pac-12 tournament, but that can just mean he is due for a breakout game. However, Fogg has somewhat put Arizona on his back and the Wildcats will need him to play well in order to win. It will be interesting to see how much Fogg guards Brown or if Arizona chooses to let Johnson do it after his impressive performance Friday. Fogg's best bet on offense would be to move as much as possible in order to exploit Colorado's fourth game in four days. Either way, Fogg is definitely the better player here.

Advantage: Arizona

SF: Nick Johnson (6-2, 198, Fr.) vs. Carlon Brown (6-5, 215, Sr.)

You can make a legitimate argument that Johnson played the best game of the season on Friday. However, Brown has been impressive to say the least and Johnson will have his work cut out for him. Brown is a major problem for Arizona and every team he has faced in the last three days, as he has yet to shoot below 53 percent from the field and only has two turnovers in the three games. Johnson needs to step up in a big, big way on Saturday.

Advantage: Colorado

PF: Solomon Hill (6-6, 226, Jr.) vs. Austin Dufault (6-9, 225, Sr.)

If Dufault plays well, Colorado becomes much tougher to beat. That's not to say he is a dominant player, but he is extremely important to Colorado. He had 15 points against Cal and while he only had nine against Oregon, he shot well. Hill needs to make Dufault's life difficult on defense, which he is very capable of doing. It makes sense to be aggressive and physical early in hopes of getting into Dufault's head. Hill did not have the greatest game on Saturday, but he played 27 minutes and might just be the freshest player on the court Saturday.

Advantage: Arizona

C: Jesse Perry (6-7, 217, Sr.) vs. Andre Roberson (6-7, 210, So.)

This matchup should be an absolute war, as both players are capable of matching the other. Roberson had a perfect game against Cal and Colorado would love to see the same on Saturday. Perry needs to be aggressive early and set the tone of the game, which will not be easy. Perry is a bad matchup for Roberson because he takes him on the perimeter, which is much different than having to guard him in the post. We really like Perry in this matchup, but potential makes it difficult to give him the advantage.

Advantage: Even

Bench: The bench could mean a lot on Saturday, as both teams have played multiple games in multiple days. The Buffs will use Askia Booker and Shane Harris-Tunks while Arizona matches with Brendon Lavender and Angelo Chol. The Wildcats probably have the slight advantage here in terms of potential, but it is even in terms of overall depth. Booker can be a dangerous player at times, so it will be interesting to see what type of overall impact he can make.

Advantage: Even

Coaches: Sean Miller vs. Tad Boyle We have a ton of respect for Boyle, who absolutely deserved to win coach of the year in the conference. Still, Miller has had a little more success in his career than Boyle and gets the advantage because of it. The guess here is that this game will not be decided on coaching as much as it will by the players on the court.

Advantage: Arizona

Prediction: This is the matchup between the hot team and the team playing up to its capabilities for the most part. I have never bought the conditioning argument because these are 17 or 18 year old kids and a lot of them are playing on adrenaline. Arizona will have to match Colorado's intensity in my opinion and that will not be easy to do. Arizona is favored and definitely should be but, once again, we're going with the upset.

Colorado 72, Arizona 71

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