Season moves forward for Wildcats

Sean Miller met with the media on Monday to discuss the NIT, his team's reaction, the future of Josiah Turner, and more. Read on for all of the latest.

Arizona is not hiding its disappointment in having to play in the NIT on Wednesday, but head coach Sean Miller believes that his squad must approach it seriously.

"Obviously it is very disappointing not to be part of the tournament, but it is tough to look at the NIT as a developmental tournament or consolation prize just because there are so many teams that are in the NIT that if they were in the tournament, they would be capable of winning a game or two," Miller said.

"I like to think that our guys are excited to play. It is a tournament that has more meaning now than ever before because of the way it is constructed. There is a lot of pride, but clearly we wish we were in the other one like about 30 of the other 32 teams that are in."

Miller was also quick to erase any questions about whether or not suspended point guard Josiah Turner would be rejoining the team for the NIT.

"Josiah is done for the season," Miller said. "It does not matter if we play one game or six or seven. He won't play this year for us. He is suspended for the rest of the season. When the season ends, we will be able to take the next step and get on the same page with Josiah moving forward. That should not be interpreted that he will never play at Arizona again, but I know he won't play this season again."

In order for Turner to be able to rejoin the team, Miller says that he will have a choice to make just as the coaching staff does.

"It is as much his choice as mine," he said. "I am not telling any player on our team that he does not have the option to come back, but it is more about the path that Josiah wants to go from this point forward that will determine whether he is at Arizona or whether he would choose to get a new beginning.

"He has to make the complete choice himself that he wants to be here under the ways that we run the program, trying to do the things in the classroom, on the court, off the court a certain way. Not expecting him to be any more perfect than the other 12 players on the team as much as just be like everybody else and follow the rules that we set forth that are going to make us successful as a program beyond this season."

While Miller obviously hopes that things would have turned out different for a handful of players this season, he also acknowledges that sometimes certain factors just come up.

"It is the circumstances that we have been dealt," Miller said. "Obviously I would have loved to have had a start to finish freshman season with no off the court incidents or suspensions, they never help you become successful. In terms of what is going to make him successful, I think this is the path that will help him most.

"I feel bad for him. I feel bad for our team and any time that you have a young player that is very talented you want him to be successful, especially once he is part of your program. That is not to say that in the future he can't be successful, but unfortunately that is where we are at."

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