JC linebacker hearing from Arizona

It is no secret that Arizona has spots to gill at linebacker. Read on to see what JC linebacker Myke Tavarres thinks about Arizona, other schools involved, and more.

The Arizona coaching staff continues its pursuit of prospects in the 2013 class and is chasing players it feels will fill areas of need. One such prospect that the Wildcats continue to track is 6-foot-2, 220-pounds linebacker Myke Tavarres from Weed (Calif.) College of the Siskiyous. Tavarres received an offer from defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel last month after the UA assistant liked what he saw on tape.

"I've really only talked to him once," Tavarres said. "He said he liked my film but that was pretty much it."

It's still relatively early in his recruiting process and only one school is currently showing significant interest at this time.

"Really just Arizona," Tavarres said.

While the Wildcats seem to be the lone school in consistent communication with Tavarres, he is wide open in his recruiting and isn't being too picky when it comes to who he would like to hear from.

"Every school," Tavarres said. "Any opportunity and any offer would be nice."

Tavarres is still waiting to speak with numerous schools, so he hasn't really had the opportunity to compile a list of favorites. He doesn't have a leader at this point in time, but there are a few other programs he is interested in.

"Not really," Tavarres said of a leader. "But maybe Miami, Boise, USC, schools like that."

The linebacker hasn't made any plans to take visits at this point in time. He is focusing on school for now and will decide what he wants to do when the spring session is over with.

"I really haven't got around to planning any visits yet," Tavarres said. "I'm still focusing on finishing out the semester and then I think I am going to see if I can try planning a couple of visits this summer and then next season."

As for whether or not he wants to stay close to home or play ball elsewhere, Tavarres doesn't have a preference.

"Not really," Tavarres said. "I just want to play ball."

Casteel has been known to run a defense that isn't the most traditional, but that doesn't sway Tavarres one way or another. The linebacker is open to any system and is willing to take on whatever role the coaches ask of him.

"I'll play anything," Tavarres said. "Wherever the coaches need me I will play and whatever defense they want to run, I'll run it."

Tavarres is in no hurry to make a decision. He would like to gain more offers and visit a few campuses before choosing where he would like to play college football.

"I don't know," Tavarres said. "I have to see what offers I get and what visits I go on and after that I will make my decision."

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