Harper takes glimpse into future

Bryan Harper has already signed with Arizona and took an opportunity last week to watch a practice. Read on to see his thoughts, what he was told his role will be, and more.

Ontario (Calif.) Colony athlete Bryan Harper was one of Arizona's last commits for the previous class, but will likely end up being one of the most important as well.

Harper had an opportunity to take in an Arizona practice last week and take a glimpse into his future at Arizona.

"I thought it was fast, high intensity," Harper said. "I thought everything went great. The coaches get after it a lot and I thought the players responded well with it.

"It started off a little slow and the coaches were upset, but they picked it up and started to get it going, so it ended up good."

Harper also had an opportunity to sit down with numerous members of the coaching staff, who all made it clear that he needs to be ready to play right away.

"I sat down with Coach Magee and Coach Dews and I had a lot of one-on-one time with Coach Rodriguez as well," Harper said. "We just all talked and Rodriguez told me that he I am one of the freshmen he is going to count on to come in and play right away and he just told me to make sure I am in shape and ready to play."

As far as a specific position goes, Harper has a good idea of where he will start, but says there is a good chance he will move around a bit.

"I am going to be starting off at one of the three receiver positions and coach Rodriguez told me he will probably have a Wildcat package ready for me," Harper said.

"He also said defense is not far away too because I talked to coach Casteel and he said that I am going to play primarily offense, but they may put me in for third down defense for man coverage and stuff like that."

The ability to play multiple positions acts as motivation for Harper, who wants to make sure he comes to Arizona ready right away.

"It makes me want to work that much harder," he said. "I would rather play offense, but I don't care what position I play. I want to do what is best for the team and what is going to help us win games."

Harper watched practice with Colony teammates Samajie Grant and Dontel James, both of whom have Arizona offers. While Harper wishes his teammates will join him, he says he does not put a ton of pressure on them.

"I am trying to get my teammates to come with me, but I would never tell anybody where to go because I know how the process is," Harper said. "I just want to help them weigh the pros and cons of everything and just look at more than just the name of the school. You have to look deep into everything."

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