Scott learning fast

Matt Scott may have the most pressure on him in terms of helping the offense to succeed. Read on to see how he is handling the new offense, coaching staff, and more.

In the 2012 season, all eyes are going to be on quarterback Matt Scott. The Arizona signal-caller was able to redshirt in 2011 and is hoping to end his college career on a high note with a big campaign in 2012.

It isn't going to be a simple task for Scott as head coach Rich Rodriguez and his staff has installed a new system. The new scheme actually caters to Scott's strengths, but it is a very complicated philosophy and Scott only has a few months to pick it all up.

While it will be a tough task to accomplish, Scott believes that he and his teammates are progressing just fine.

"I think we are on the same page," Scott said. "Guys moved around a lot more fluid and all together as one. I feel, as on offense, we did better than last week."

The Wildcats have had very limited time to pick up the system thus far. Rodriguez has thrown a lot at his new players and while the team appears to be getting more acclimated over time, it's been a challenge to pick up all the new information virtually at once.

"Getting it all together is the big thing and differentiate plays from other plays and it's kind of hard, but we are going to pick it up and we're going to be pretty good," Scott said.

In last Saturday's scrimmage, Scott saw wide receiver Garic Wharton shift to the outside. The move may benefit Scott's passing as Wharton's speed is a valuable tool to have.

"He's fast," Scott said. "That's all you can say. He's fast. He can burn people and get open in a hurry. He got open today (Saturday) and I hit him and he had a touchdown."

One of the biggest keys to the new system is the cohesion between the quarterback and running back. Rodriguez tends to run a significant amount of option plays that involve each player and Scott is happy with the chemistry built between him and the backs.

"It's real good," Scott said. "We've been doing a lot of handoff exchanges so our chemistry is getting better every day. We didn't have any turnovers with the ball on the ground or anything like that, so I think our chemistry is getting better every day."

If Scott were to have a strong 2012 season, the offensive line must continue to improve. A season ago, it was a learning experience for the youthful group of lineman, but they performed much stronger at the end of the season. Scott believes the new system will help the lineman and that the unit will be ready by the start of the campaign.

"They're getting good," Scott said. "They're getting real good. Last year was kind of tough for them but this year they are picking it up. It's a new system and things are a little easier for them and they are picking it up pretty quick and I think we are going to be alright at the offensive line spot for sure."

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