What now?

Josiah Turner and Kyryl Natyazhko left Arizona on Wednesday. Read on to see Arizona's next step, what options it will look at, and more.

There was plenty of speculation that Arizona basketball was going to undergo some change before next season and on Wednesday much of that speculation was answered.

Arizona announced that Josiah Turner has decided to transfer and Kyryl Natyazhko will pursue professional opportunities in Europe, thus ending both of their eras as Wildcats.

The bigger loss is obviously Turner, but it remains to be seen how Arizona will answer for it. The initial belief is that the coaching staff will look for a fifth year graduate transfer that will be able to step in for a year before T.J. McConnell takes the starting gig.

It makes sense for that to happen because it would allow for an easy transition and the coaching staff and players would know exactly what is going to happen in two years.

While this makes the most sense, it is not necessarily the easiest possibility. It is not as if there are plenty of graduate transfers out there and the coaching staff is not going to take a player simply to have a body. If there is not a player that will be able to contribute, Arizona likely will go into next season with the backcourt looking as it does now.

The other possibility is to see if there are any other coaching changes, but that seems relatively unlikely as well. The SMU and LSU hires could open things up, but it is unknown what the recruits that see their coaches leave will do.

Basically, Arizona is now in a very difficult spot. If it does not land a point guard, Nick Johnson and Jordin Mayes are likely to share the duties. It would be similar to how Arizona ran the offense in the Pac-12 tournament and numerous other games.

In addition, Arizona can hope that Gabe York will be able to play some minutes at the point or even run some of the offense through Solomon Hill.

There are options to be had, but none are extremely attractive at the moment. Then again, this is why Sean Miller and company are paid the big bucks. We speculate about such moves and they attack them and make sure everything is set in order to have a successful season.

The next few weeks could be very valuable for Arizona next season and it could answer the questions that currently surround the program. It could also have the complete opposite outcome and we could be left asking those same questions.

Either way, the shape of next year's team is likely not done changing and it will be interesting to see what the Wildcats look like soon enough.

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