Jenkins looking for another level

Daniel Jenkins knows he has a great opportunity to make an impact. Read on to see how Jenkins is working on making sure that happens, what he thinks of the coaches, and more.

It can be argued that Daniel Jenkins was the best running back in spring ball in 2011. It can also be argued that he is the best running back in spring ball this season. Last year, Jenkins had an impressive spring, only to be hampered in the spring game by a high-ankle sprain.

The 2012 spring scrimmage was going to look just as bleak for Daniel Jenkins. After injuring his hamstring two weeks prior, Jenkins was a game-time decision, and wasn't sure that he was going to see the turf. After talking to the coaches and the trainer early Saturday morning, he was deemed fit to play.

"I talked to (the trainers) and they said I was good," Jenkins said. "I got a few series in, which was really good."

Jenkins injured his hamstring in a closed scrimmage a few weeks ago. He was making himself stand out before his injury, but was unable to continue the scrimmage.

With his limit on workouts while recovering, the junior-to-be got a chance to watch the offense and see how far they've progressed since the start of camp.

"We've come a long way as a team, picking up the offense and the system," Jenkins said. "We understand the speed that they want us to play at. I think as a whole, we have a good idea of what they expect."

Jenkins, who is in the hunt for playing time, is never satisfied with his own performance. While he may feel that he performed well in some aspects, the running back always wants to improve. He looks to improve himself and his teammates every chance that he gets. Jenkins believes that the offense has potential to be great if it keeps improving.

"Like Coach Rod always tells us, there's a whole different level that we can get to," he said. "I'm excited to see our preparations in the summer and bringing that into the fall camp for the season. We have a whole lot more to do, but we're making big strides right now."

Jenkins knows that the offense is improving. It may even be improving faster than expected, even though some days are better than others. He acknowledged that some of the early success is from guys who weren't big contributors in the past seasons, singling out Johnny Jackson, a walk-on, as one of those guys.

"I've always known (the walk-ons) had talent," Jenkins said. "I know coach was a walk-on at West Virginia, so he gives those guys a shot."

"They're doing a great job. We have a lot of walk-ons that are contributing to our success. It's night and day from last season. Night and day."

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