Las Vegas Tournament Evaluations was in Las Vegas and had the opportunity to see numerous Arizona prospects in action. Read on to see our evaluations for players such as Dakarai Allen, Tyler Dorsey, and more.

LAS VEGAS - had an opportunity to see numerous Arizona recruits in action on Friday night. Saturday will allow an opportunity to see others, but there was still plenty to take away from Friday's viewing.


Dakarai Allen: Allen looked like the same player that we have grown accustomed to seeing, which can be taken as both good and bad.

For starters, he is easily one of the best defenders in the class. On one sequence, he had a great block and then was able to take a charge the next time down court, which just does not happen in AAU ball. Offensively, Allen continues to struggle. His jump shot was a bit flat and most of his points were scored in transition.

Allen knows that showing more of an offensive game is what is keeping him from having more offers, but he remains an extremely intriguing player. It somewhat reminds us of Jordan Bell in that both don't have much offense, but defensively they are both complete game changers.


Chris Sandifer: The 6-foot-4 Gardena (Calif.) Serra guard's name may be new to Arizona fans, but it could be one that will become more familiar in the future. Sandifer did not play very well on Friday, but his skillset was apparent and you could tell that he has plenty of potential. Sandifer's jumper was not falling, which is a big part of his game and it got him a bit frustrated.

However, he attacked the glass and tried to get involved in other ways, showing solid athleticism in the process. Sandifer already has good size, but has a baby face and the physical attributes of a player that is growing. He may not be there yet, but it would not surprise us to see Sandifer become a very legitimate player and one that gets recruited at a high level.


Tyler Dorsey: Dorsey is working on playing the point, which will go a long way in determining how his recruitment plays out.

Arizona is already on him and it makes sense, as there are plenty of qualities to like. Dorsey has a solid jumper, but is also strong to the basket and is tough as well. In addition, he displayed good athleticism and in terms of potential, was probably the best player on the court in the game we saw Friday night.

There are times when Dorsey will definitely be more productive than he was, but there is a lot of potential there and the reason why so many schools are on him early is apparent.

Cameron Walker: In terms of potential, Walker was the best player that we saw on Friday and may be one of the best players that we have seen in his class period.

The 6-foot-6 Righetti (Calif.) guard is big enough to play forward, but he is listed as a guard and plays the position because frankly he can. Walker was very smooth to the basket and showed decent range on his jumper as well.

There were a few times where his shot was way too flat, but that seems a bit picky, as he hit numerous shots. Walker also looks like he is growing, so we would expect him to wind up being more of a forward and it would not surprise us if he became a face-up four.

It was just one game, but Walker is definitely a player to keep an eye on and one we would expect the majority of the Pac-12 to start looking at more closely.

Sedrick Barefield: The 6-foot-0 Corona (Calif.) Centennial guard had a rough day on Friday, as the biggest concerns about him came to light.

Keep in mind that this is only one game, but Barefield struggled to finish both at the basket and with his jumper. Physically, you also worry about how much growing and maturing he is going to go through as well.

The talent is there, but he has some growing to do in terms of his skill set and physically before we can call him a no-brainer type of prospect.

Nick Pete: Pete is a 6-foot-7 or so forward from Tahquitz (Calif.) that is very intriguing because of his length and athletic ability.

He legitimately has the ability to guard three positions and had a great move in transition for a powerful dunk that showed his energy. Pete is still young and he can definitely refine his skills, but we would not be surprised to see his recruitment take off once more schools see him in action.

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