Saturday Las Vegas Evaluations was in attendance in Las Vegas to see numerous Arizona prospects. Read on for evaluations of Dakarai Allen, Stephen Zimmerman, and more.

LAS VEGAS - had an opportunity to see numerous Arizona recruits in action on Saturday. Read on for a complete look at how they did and what we were able to take away from their performances.


Dakarai Allen: At this point, there really is not a lot about Allen that we can tell you that you probably do not already know.

Allen is a superior defender, but lacks any type of offensive game in the half court. He is strong in transition and a good finisher, but shuts down a ton offensively when the game is slowed down and his team was forced to run a set offense.

The potential is there and if Arizona does not land him, he is almost certain to play in the Pac-12. However, it is not an easy decision depending on how you view his offensive capabilities and whether or not they can improve.

Paul Watson: When we saw Watson last week, we questioned his motor but chalked it up to only one viewing. After seeing him two more times on Saturday, it is definitely a legitimate concern.

Watson was benched in the second half of his team's big loss to the Atlanta Celtics and kept his head down and seemed to take himself out of the game. There are certain aspects of a player that can be coached up, but motor is usually not one of them.

If Watson realizes his potential and works on getting his motor better and being more aggressive, he is a very intriguing player. However, we are not sure a team like Arizona can move on him until he does improve in that area.

Jaron Hopkins: Hopkins has been impressive every time we have seen him and he looked strong on Saturday.

He is capable of running the point, but the reality of his future is that he is a wing, small forward type. In fact, if he was open to being recruited at that position, there is a good chance Hopkins would have more offers.

As it is, Hopkins is a good ball-handler with nice athleticism and a solid mid-range game as well. He gets to the basket with strength and he is an extremely intriguing player that is worth keeping an eye on.


Chris Sandifer: Sandifer had a better day Saturday than he did on Friday, but still can play better. He has nice athleticism and showed solid range, but just was not hitting at the rate that we have heard he can.

At this point, Sandifer remains as a player to keep an eye on that has potential and we will be very curious to see how he progresses this spring and summer.


Tyler Dorsey: The most apparent aspect of Dorsey's game on Saturday was his pure speed. There aren't many players that can get up and down the court as fast as he can and it really adds to his potential.

Once Dorsey learns how to control that speed and use it to his benefit, he will be an even better prospect. He is definitely one of the more intriguing ones in the west and a potential Sunday matchup with Dakarai Allen will be interesting to see in terms of what Dorsey would be able to do offensively.

Stephen Zimmerman: When Zimmerman plays to his strengths and lets the game come to him, he is a much better player. Unfortunately, that is not easy to do in AAU ball and he forced the issue a few times.

The potential for Zimmerman is definitely there and he shows nice range for a big man as well as a strong capability to block shots. It is easy to see why he is one of the better prospects in the nation for his class and we expect him to get better because he is raw offensively, yet strong and skilled enough to be effective.

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