Is Lyons the answer?

Xavier guard Mark Lyons may be looking to play his final year of college at another school. With Arizona mentioned, how would the Wildcats fit in? Would he solve potential problems? Read on for those answers and more.

Similar to the T.J. McConnell transfer, as soon as news popped out that Xavier guard Mark Lyons will not return, attention immediately turned to Arizona.

Why shouldn't it?

The move makes sense on numerous levels and would likely benefit both parties. On one end, you have Lyons looking for a clean slate with one more year of college to somehow upgrade his draft status, which will still likely be difficult.

On the other end, you have an Arizona coaching staff that is still looking for a point guard next season and may be missing an elite scorer as well.

When Lyons signed with Xavier in 2008, he spoke highly of Miller although little did he know, Miller would soon leave to coach Arizona.

"Coach Miller was an All-American," Lyons told "He understands it from a point guard perspective and he's going to let me come in and play."

Although Lyons has had some undisclosed off the court issues and was involved in a fight against Cincinnati earlier in the year, he still put up successful numbers. In fact, Lyons put up some numbers that would rank as the best at Arizona last season, which shows the significance of possibly being able to land a player like him.

Lyons averaged 15.5 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 2.7 assists per game while shooting 39 percent from behind the arc. In addition, he had a streak of scoring in double digits in 13 straight games and often proved to be a valuable member of his squad, only having four games in which he turned it over more than three times.

The big question that is surrounding the decision of both is whether or not Lyons is worth it. From his perspective, it makes sense. He would be playing for the coach that recruited him and that he is likely comfortable with.

However, from Arizona's perspective, there are a few more questions. For starters, will Lyons be able to handle the point? Nick Johnson and Jordin Mayes are surely not true point guards by any means, but if Lyons is asked to handle the point, will his effectiveness decrease? Will he be happy handling the point? Does Johnson still play point and Lyons remain at shooting guard?

These are all questions that the coaching staff is going to have to ask itself before it makes the decision to pursue Lyons and they are questions that frankly will not be answered until during the season.

The educated guess here is that Lyons and Arizona make a ton of sense and both parties will realize that, although there is likely some things to work out before that happens. As for whether or not he is the answer to Arizona's questions going into next season, that remains to be seen.

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