Lyons talks transfer caught up with Mark Lyons to discuss his options, Arizona, relationship with Sean Miller, and more.

There has been plenty of news surrounding Arizona during the offseason and it doesn't look like it is done quite yet. Xavier head coach Chris Mack announced Monday that junior guard Mark Lyons would not be back at Xavier next season, sparking conversation around Arizona's interest in the veteran guard. can confirm that there are legs to the story and that Arizona has as good a chance as any school, if not more, to land the talented guard.

Reached by phone on Monday, Lyons made his current objectives clear.

"I don't know [the plan] yet," said Lyons. "Just concentrate on graduating for now. That's where my focus is right now and then I'll figure things out."

Lyons is on track to graduate, but still has a little bit of work left to do. If he completes his course load, Lyons will have the option of playing college basketball next year without having to sit out.

That is where Arizona comes in. According to Jason Smith, Lyons' former high school coach at Brewster (New Hampshire) Academy, Arizona joined UCLA, Kentucky, and Kansas as schools that have reached out about the potential transfer.

Sean Miller recruited Lyons in the class of 2008 when still the head coach at Xavier and Lyons still is fond of the coach.

"That's my old coach," said Lyons. "That's my man, so I already know what he's about."

Miller was still the coach at Xavier while Lyons redshirted for his freshman year and then Miller was hired on at Arizona in 2009. Lyons was perhaps the most vocal about the departure, as he voiced some displeasure.

Lyons tells us now that his feelings were that of a player losing a trusted advisor at the time, but knows that situations like that happen all the time.

"I was upset because I came to [Xavier] to play for him," explained Lyons. "I wasn't upset with him. There are no grudges. I understood at that point that this is a business too, so I can't be mad at him for leaving. I was upset at the time, but I understood what he was doing. No grudges."

That may be music to the ears of Arizona fans, who would like to see a battle tested guard at the point next season to go along with a group of talented individuals. Lyons averaged 15.1 points a game last season for the Musketeers, second to only Tu Holloway's 17.5.

Miller isn't the only familiar face on the coaching staff for Lyons, who was also recruited by assistant coach Book Richardson.

"I've known [Book] since I was 15 years old," Lyons said. "He was going to be at Xavier too and he's a good dude too."

The situation may look good for Arizona, even more so than it did for T.J. McConnell, who opted for Arizona at the beginning of April. However, Lyons still has his options and while the NBA is still a bit of a reach for the 6-foot-1, 188-pound guard, that route is still open.

"You never know," explained Lyons. "I am going to talk to the right people and see if that's an option. After I talk to those people I can determine to see if that's the route I want to take, but for now I don't know."

Both he and Holloway were score first guards, but were able to make the offense go for Xavier. Lyons would be virtually in the same system as Mack learned under Miller.

Lyons feels his future depends on being able to successfully play the point, which is what he wants to do.

"Regardless of what the next decision is, I want to play point guard," said Lyons. "I was recruited to play point guard at Xavier, so that's what I want to continue to do."

Questions come up often for Lyons who, most recently, was involved in the on court brawl between Xavier and cross-town rival Cincinnati. It was a blemish on the whole university and Lyons is ready to take steps forward instead of looking back.

"I definitely want to put everything behind me," Lyons explained. "I apologized to people and to Xavier and I understand that I messed up. But now it's time for me to move forward."

He would have some people in his corner at Arizona. Miller and Richardson have had a long standing relationship with the New York state native and another former Xavier recruit who is currently on Arizona's roster has talked to Lyons as well.

"Kevin Parrom is my man," said Lyons. "He told me they needed a point guard. I told him that if I graduated then it would be nothing for me to come do that if I chose Arizona. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't very interested in Arizona."

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