Lopez getting ready

Anthony Lopez is signed to Arizona and is already working to be prepared for when he gets to campus. Read on to see how he is doing that, what his role may be, and more.

"Be prepared."

When Anthony Lopez was in Tucson for the spring game that was the message he came away with. After talking to Coach Magee, the high school senior returned home and started getting ready for college life.

As soon as Lopez signed his letter of intent to play for Arizona in February, he began his journey to becoming a Wildcat when he received a workout program from the strength and conditioning coaches.

"I've been doing the workouts that the U of A gave me," he said. "The whole thing is core work, ply metrics, flexibility, conditioning, all this other new stuff.

"There are some different lifts and I do it a different pace. It's a lot faster"

In addition to working out, the 5-foot-10, 185-pound Gilbert (Ariz.) Mesquite running back has changed the way that he looks at school and football. He understands that high school and the university are completely different.

"It's definitely a different mindset, knowing that I'm going to a different level," Lopez said. "I've been pushing myself harder than I ever have before."

Lopez will move to Tucson and enroll in classes starting June 4th. He will jump into summer drills with his teammates and start adjusting to his new surroundings. Lopez even has some hopes of getting some playing time in the fall.

"Coach Magee said that I need to be prepared," Lopez said. "If you come in and show that you can start, then you'll have a chance to play."

He already feels that he may fit in well with the offense. After watching the spring scrimmage in Tucson, Lopez came away happy with what he saw. The running back especially enjoyed the passes out of the back field.

"They did a lot of screens to the running backs," Lopez said. "A lot of teams don't have much success with them, but they were pretty successful at the scrimmage."

Lopez will be on campus in just a little over a month, but the incoming freshman already can't wait to start his college life and start playing football.

"I'm definitely excited to play football, especially if I get to play the first game," Lopez said. "Coming out with the whole football team and with the great crowd there, it's going to be really exciting."

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