USA Basketball Develpmental Festival: Day Two

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The South and East were the winners during the early games on Friday. Mike Williams and Sebastian Telfair led their teams to wins.


South (1-0) 122, North (0-1) 99 

East (1-0) 134, West (0-1) 124

2004 Checklist

Mike Williams, PF, South: The Texas commitment had his way inside against the North. He stayed home, rebounded and finished. The athletic Williams is enjoying a stellar spring and summer run and he's doing it by playing to his strengths. He's a great tipper and superior athlete inside the paint. He had 28 and 13 in the game but had a double-double at the half, including a camp-high 8 offensive boards.

Sebastian Telfair, PG, East: The Cooney Islander had 27 points and 4 assists to lead his team. He was an efficient 10-16 from the floor and 3-5 from deep. The "A" game was cooking in this one as the East guards clearly got the better of their West Coast counterparts.

D.J. White, PF, South: His game is multi-faceted and today it showed. White had 16 and 8 and was a factor from the opening minutes. He played with energy and made himself some face-ups. From a scouting perspective, all his damage came from the right side of the court, but he was getting it done. His defensive effort made buckets tough to come by for Kalen Grimes and Co. inside.

Shaun Livingston, PG, North: His size, length and shot-making abilities are terrific. He did things in the halfcourt and transition. The shot blocker ran at him and he simply went high off glass. He found guys to the tune of 6 assists and had 17 points and 8 rebounds. Others might have bigger names but this looks like the top PG prospect in the land at this juncture.

Joe Crawford, SG, North: The Michigan native had a terrific first half before Tyler Smith stepped up the defense on him in the second. Crawford's stature as a prospect keeps rising in our mind. His ability to elevate and hit the mid-range jumper with ease is a huge asset.

Scout's Perspective

In the morning skills drills, Jawann McClellan and Crawford did nice jobs scoring against other wing players. … At the point guard skills station, Shaun Livingston's length, height and creativity made him the best guard scorer. The coaches thought Arron Afflalo and Jordan Farmar did well in that respect too. …

We keep harping on this but James Gist's offense is coming around. He's trying – and making – hook shots while rejecting shots and rebounding like he always does. … Kalen Grimes loves to overpower guys in the post but we'd like to see him develop a go-to post move to make it easier on himself. …

A thing of beauty? The result of a Bryce Taylor 3-point attempt. … Darius Washington had 15 points and played a lot at the point today. … The power of Randolph Morris was on display when he rammed home a dunk that shifted the backboard off center by about a foot. … Tim Duncan likes the left block, D.J. White loves the right block. He took all of his post shots from that position on the floor today. …

Inside The Numbers DeMarcus Nelson attempted 29 shots in his first game. The next most shots attempted in the early session was Mike Williams who had 17. Williams made 14 of his 17 shots, Nelson made just 11 of his 29. … Livingston and Nelson tied for the most assists with 6 each. …

The first session was a bit of a rough one for Jordan Farmar as the UCLA guard had 8 turnovers to go with 5 assists. … Dayshaun Wright had 21 for the East. He converted 7 of his 9 field goal attempts and also had 13 boards in a great effort. … The North's Drew Neitzel and Ron Coleman combined to shoot 2-for-15 from the field. … Russell Robinson is looking for an answer to the attitude after going 0-for-3 from the field. …

News & Notes

Junior power forward Richard Hendrix made his first airplane flight this week. That's right, his first trip on a plane is to Colorado Springs and yes, he was nervous. Hendrix lists Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi State, North Carolina and Oklahoma. … West winger Dorell Wright is headed to South Kent Prep next season. … Junior Tyler Smith's early list is Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky and Cincinnati. …

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