The 2003 "Sternies" NBA Draft Awards

I love the NBA Draft. It is the most NBA coverage I'll watch until the start of the playoffs. I love seeing the college players I have followed for a few years get slotted to their teams. Now that I work in the media and cover recruiting, I even get to see high schoolers I have seen play get drafted. In honor of that I present my first ever "Sternies", awards for the draft.

Xenophobic Award
In a draft heralded for all of the foreign talent, four college seniors and just two foreign players were taken in the first round.

Your Career Is Officially Over Award
Thanks for playing Chris Kaman. By being drafted by the Clippers you're automatically destined to becoming a draft bust.

What Took You So Long Award
It took 2:31 for the Cavaliers' pick to be officially announced. Even worse, it took 4:56 for Detroit's second pick of Darko Milicic to be announced. What, were the Pistons caught off guard with the Cavs selection?

Welcome To The Crowd
Mike Sweetney is the seventeenth undersized big man in the Knicks roster. I guess Antonio McDyess, Kurt Thomas, Clarence Weatherspoon and Othella Harrington weren't enough.

What is Jerry West Smoking Award?
I hate to second-guess West, but not only did he want Troy Bell and Dahntay Jones in the first round, but he traded two first rounders to get them. He does know that he could likely have had Bell at #27 and Jones could have been picked in the second round where all picks seemed to be available for cash.

Best Moment of the Draft
The Madison Square Garden crowd chanting, "Lam-pe, Lam-pe" prior to the Knicks selecting Maciej Lampe. Lampe was the last player invited by the NBA left on the floor. The crowd went nuts with his selection and Lampe then pointed to the crowd who became even crazier,

There's a Giant In The Crowd!
7-6 Slavko Vranes emerges from the crowd amid boos by the Knick fans who inexplicably wanted St. John's Marcus Hatton. Contrary to popular reports he was not quoted as saying "Fee-Fie-Fo-Fum" in an interview with Michelle Tafoya.

He Said What?
Jay Bilas said that fourth overall selection Chris Bosch has "more potential than anyone in the draft other than the top-3." You think that's why he went No. 4 and not any higher or lower?

Hide the Buffets Award
Overweight high schooler James Lang is drafted by New Orleans, the same team that has portly Robert Traylor. Can an Oliver Miller free agent signing be too far off?

Insert Your Own Joke Here Award
Travis OUTLAW was taken by the Portland Trailblazers, a team with a history of legal problems. To make matters worse, Outlaw has had some trouble in his past as well.

Best Pick of the Draft
Getting Carmello Anthony at No. 3 is nice, but getting Jarvis Hayes at 10 is even better. Getting Lampe and Luke Walton in the second round is not bad either.

Worst Pick of the Draft
The Bulls could have gotten Hinrich a little further down in the draft, but Dahntay Jones as a first rounder is baffling.

He'll Need the Extra Foul Award
Foul plagued Tommy Smith will be glad to hear that players get six fouls in the NBA. Don't tell him you play an extra eight minutes a night.

Best Draft Award
The Magic had a nice night landing Reece Gaines, Zaur Pachulia and Keith Bogans. Pachulia was projected as a first rounder by many and they got him with the 42nd pick. Runner up award goes to the Lakers who landed immediate role players in Brian Cook and Luke Walton.

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