A closer look: Wings

Arizona should have some strength on the wing and perimeter next season. Read on for a closer look at what the Wildcats will be working with next season.

Arizona faces many questions heading into the 2012-13 campaign and perhaps the least talked about concern is the depth along the wings. With the loss of players like Kyle Fogg and Brendon Lavender, UA will be without two of its key players along the perimeter from a season ago.

Figuring out who will step up is a process that will begin once everyone is on campus at the start of the school year. The obvious returning contributors from the wing are Solomon Hill and Kevin Parrom. With much-needed size coming to the roster with the incoming class, Hill will be able to play his more natural position of small forward.

Hill possesses a plethora of skills that allow him to take on whatever role is needed. With the lack of depth at the wings, expect to see Hill play plenty along the outside. With his improved outside shot, Hill could contribute in a significant way from the wing position and his ability to break down the defender with his dribbling ability will allow him to beat one-on-one defenses.

The real wildcard is Parrom. Everyone knows Parrom has the potential to be really good, but he has to prove he is fully healthy before he can be considered a safe bet to contribute at a high level. If he is ready to go, Parrom should be one of the team's leaders. His athleticism combined with his shooting range allows him to be a deadly performer with the ball in his hand.

If Parrom is physically ready and comes into next season with a clear head, he could be the squad's deadliest player from the perimeter. The lack of his presence on the floor was a huge blow to the team last year and having him back on the floor will do wonders for the play from the wings.

Aside from Parrom and Hill there isn't much on the bench for the Wildcats to go to, although sunday's addition of Mark Lyons will help a ton. Incoming freshman Brandon Ashley could be asked to play the perimeter, but his game is better suited closer to the basket. He could develop into a player that can provide sporadic help from along the perimeter. For now, Ashley is more of post player and will focus more on developing his game as such.

UA could also turn to players such as Nick Johnson, Jordin Mayes, Gabe York, and Lyons to take over the wing roles when the Wildcats shift to a small lineup,although that is unlikely. A lineup with all three may be too small to rely on consistently in this role, but they should be able to produce in spot duty.

In order for this team to become complete, the play along the perimeter needs to stay at a high level. For that to happen, Hill and Parrom need to lead the way. If the pair of soon-to-be seniors come out playing at a high level, the wings shouldn't be much of a concern throughout the 2012-13 campaign.

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