Lyons big addition for Wildcats

The addition of Mark Lyons is a big one for Arizona. Read on for a closer look why, what lineups the Wildcats could use, and more.

Now that Mark Lyons is headed to Arizona, we can officially look towards next season knowing what Arizona will be working with.

Nothing is guaranteed with college basketball, but we now know the weapons that Sean Miller will have at his disposal and it is certainly exciting to know that the Wildcats have numerous pieces that could help bring it to the Final Four.

For starters, it seems like there is a good chance that Mark Lyons will now handle the point. That is not a knock on Nick Johnson, but you almost have to go with the veteran in those situations. In addition, Lyons is going to be an effective scorer at the point, whereas Johnson would be more effective playing the shooting guard position.

It is not a complete guarantee that Lyons will start at the point, but it definitely seems to be the most likely scenario now. Sean Miller's system can be successful with a score-first point guard and Lyons is most successful as a scorer. While Josiah Turner was a solid point guard, there was nothing at all to respect about his jumper and Lyons is the complete opposite.

In addition, it gives Arizona a certain toughness at the point guard position that it did not have last season. One element that was overlooked a bit with Kevin Parrom not being at 100 percent is the fact that Arizona missed his toughness.

Forget the idea that Parrom is a versatile player that is dangerous in many ways. He is also a player that added a certain swagger to Arizona that the Wildcats definitely did not have when he was not on the court. Now, Arizona is going to have one of the toughest, most confident players in the country in Lyons and that means a lot more to Arizona's success than some may think.

By adding Lyons, Arizona can go with numerous lineups. If Jordin Mayes is healthy, Arizona can play Lyons at shooting guard some and then decide to go big in the other three positions. Or, it can do just the opposite and choose to play a lineup with Johnson and Solomon Hill as well.

Arizona has options now that it just did not have last season and that means a lot in the overall scheme of things.

One look at the overall team and the Wildcats will be stronger off the bench as well. Although Arizona may miss Brendon Lavender's shooting, adding Lyons allows Arizona to likely bring Mayes, Johnson, or Parrom off the bench and an argument could be made that at least two of the three would be better than any option off the bench Arizona had at any time last year.

It may be difficult for some to get excited about next season because it is so early but, at the very least, the Wildcats became much more dangerous and intriguing on Sunday.

Whether or not it leads to success remains to be seen, but there is no argument that Sean Miller and Arizona were put in a much better position to achieve it.

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