Rodriguez looks back on camp

Rich Rodriguez spoke to the media on Tuesday and addressed suspensions, Matt Scott, how the team is doing, and more.

Rich Rodriguez had his first Pac-12 media call on Tuesday and was able to talk about his overall picture of how spring football went.

"I think we met most of our objectives, primary ones being giving the new staff a chance to evaluate the players and see what our strengths and weaknesses were," Rodriguez said. "The second part was certainly teaching some fundamentals and schemes of the new offense and defense. "

Not all of the spring was positive, but Rodriguez is confident that the negative aspects of it will turn around.

"Some of the things we didn't get done," he said. "I think our strength staff did a terrific job I think in the couple months of getting our strength and conditioning to a better level, but we still have a lot of work to do in that regard and I am fully confident our guys will pay the price this summer."

It took time for the current players to adjust to the new coaching staff, but Rodriguez says they generally did well.

"They grasped it pretty well just from the progress of the first practice to the last," Rodriguez said. "Certainly we try to coach them up and educate them on how practice was going to be run, the tempo we were going to go at and what we wanted to achieve at each and every other practice.

"I think the tempo and the speed at which we want to run things, I think they grasped that, but they also saw that there is a whole other level of conditioning that we want to be in just to get through practice, let alone be able to play at the pace we want to play at."

One player that stood out during practice was Matt Scott, who will be asked to have major responsibilities on offense.

"He has kind of been around and been there and done that and played some," Rodriguez said of Scott. "I think Matt sees that this is his opportunity. He is a fifth year guy, an older, experienced guy.

"We were able to put in even more than we thought with him. He can run, he can throw, and more than anything I think he can be the type of leader that we need."

While Scott was present at each practice, Fabbians Ebbele and Jourdon Grandon sat out much of the spring due to legal issues that are now close to being resolved.

"Those guys that were involved in that situation, most of it is getting resolved," Rodriguez said. "We are waiting until everything is done with the process, but they have been doing what we have been asking them to do.

"We are still waiting to see their final grades and when the finals get through there and we get the final word from the legal system, once that gets through I will sit down and visit with them and go forward with it."

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