Cozens' future up in the air

Dylan Cozens has already signed with Arizona, but his future is up in the air. Does he want to play football or baseball? What are his thoughts on what he will be doing next year? Read on for those answers and more.

Scottsdale Chaparral High School defensive end Dylan Cozens signed a letter of intent to play college football at the University of Arizona. Now, three months later, it seems that he may never even step foot on campus as a football player.

Cozens is having tremendous success with his baseball season at Chaparral, raising his MLB draft stock. He has hit already hit 14 home runs this season, breaking Paul Konerko's school record of 13. Cozens is a pitcher in high school, but that could change at the next level.

"(Pro scouts) like that I'm a power hitter," Cozens said. "They like the way I hit the ball and my athleticism more than anything. I've also been complimented on how hard I work.

"The scouts say that they can see me in the big leagues one day. It's just up to me how fast I get there."

Right now, Cozens is preparing for both scenarios, but is planning for a career in baseball sooner rather than later.

"Right now, I'd rather play professional baseball," he said.

Cozens went on to say that nothing was set in stone and that he may still be in a Wildcat uniform this fall. Most of his decision will be based on where he gets drafted and the ensuing conversation with his family.

Even if the defensive end does decide to pursue a career in professional baseball, he hasn't ruled out leaving baseball to play football if it doesn't work out. Cozens cited Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden when talking about returning to college after a professional career in different sport. He also mentioned that Arizona would be his first choice in that scenario.

If Cozens does still wind up at Arizona, he expects to challenge for playing time before the end of fall camp. It is not a foregone conclusion that he will not attend Arizona and there are still plenty of things he is looking forward to.

"I'd still like to get the college experience and get an education," Cozens said. "Playing football would be great. Just getting the entire experience would be the most fun."

Throughout the whole process, the Arizona coaches have stood by Cozens and supported whatever decision he is going to make. They would still like to have him play football, but Cozens said that they understand what he is dealing with.

"The coaches know about the baseball draft," he said. "They said that if that's what I choose, then that's what I choose and they'll wish me good luck.

"I still talk to the coaches once every two weeks. They're like a big family down there and I know that they're there and will support me with whatever I end up deciding to do."

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