Marvin Williams at USA Basketball

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Marvin Williams isn't a basketball junkie. He's not enamored with his own game or worried about his ranking. He's just a great prospect with an even temperament and unique view of the game.

The bottom line is that he's a tough guy to get a pulse on.

Unlike other elite level players, he's the least likely to stroll into the gym with a bookbag over his shoulder and a basketball in his arms looking like a Norman Rockwell Hummel.

Ask him how he would describe his own game and he's brief and to the point. "Couldn't do it. I don't see myself play."

Accolades, rankings and recognition neither drive him nor motivate him. "When I see my mom at home taking care of my two brothers that drives me."

He doesn't love the game the same way other kids do and that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just a Marvin thing. His passion for basketball – and he's clearly passionate about it – doesn't shine through all the time. He's never outwardly expressing his emotions.

Williams readily acknowledged that he could play 10 years in the NBA and say at the age of 32, just quit and walk away from the game in his prime. By his own admission, sometimes he gets bored.

Still, he's one of the best high school basketball players in America. Why? Because he does a lot of things well. He'll probably play a lot of power forward in college and he should because he's good at it. He's a super rebounder. He's athletic and carries himself well. He's crafty inside.

He'll also probably play some small forward in college, too. Why? Because he's good at that as well. He's such a threat from the triple-threat position that kids will give him the jumper fearing a drive to the rim. If he misses, his uncanny leaping ability and relentlessness take over.

Saturday morning was his best effort of the entire USA Basketball Camp. His first two games here weren't bad, they just weren't vintage Marvin. "It's tough to play with people you don't know," Williams said. "I didn't want to come out here and shoot 40 shots."

And he didn't. So, instead of playing the role of the star that he is, he almost looked complimentary until something on Saturday set things in motion. Williams scored 23 points and had 13 rebounds in three quarters. An injury slowed him and forced him to sit the entire fourth quarter. In our opinion, his first three quarters were the most complete effort we've seen a big man have here.

From passing the basketball, to starting the break, to rebounding deep in the paint, to creating his own shots, Williams' Saturday effort showed us exactly why Arizona, North Carolina and Washington are chasing him so hard.

In his spare time, Marvin works at a grocery store. His part-time job ironically mirrors his game. The grocery store employee bags the merchandise, cleans up and stocks shelves. He does a lot of different things at his job and his basketball talents are equally as diverse.

The big question on everyone's mind is what will he do for college? Well, he says that he's capable of leaving his family, though he wouldn't want to be without them for too long. "God, my parents and my two coaches [will help with the decision]. They have their own opinions but you have to do what's in your best interest in the end."

His definition of success is a simply stated one. "If I can accomplish all my goals that would be it. To play at the highest level someday."

He'll have that chance. He'll do it his way, on his time schedule. He's a fun kid to be around. Here's to hoping Williams continues to share his stories along the way to the top.

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