Ippolito getting healthy

Cody Ippolito wants to make an impact at Arizona, but it may have to wait a bit. Read on to see his plans for next season, an update on his health, and more.

Arizona started its pipeline to Scottsdale Chaparral High School with a commitment from middle linebacker Cody Ippolito. Now, it seems that he won't be a full member of the team until January.

The incoming freshman will take a medical grayshirt due to some lingering knee problems. He had knee surgery at the end of his high school season and the recovery process is coming slow.

As for what that means for the 6-foot, 210-pound Ippolito, he will only be a part time student this fall and will officially join the team in January. He should be fully recovered and ready to participate in spring drills.

Ippolito continues to work out and keep in shape, often using Arizona's weight training program as a base for his recovery.

"I've been doing the workouts that (the coaches) gave me," Ippolito said. "It's definitely high paced and unlike anything else I've done. There's no resting time. You have to go through each one and then move on."

Besides working out and recovering, Ippolito has been keeping track of what his future team has been doing in the offseason. He watched the team during their first scrimmage in Phoenix and traveled to Tucson for the Spring Game.

"It was fun to see the defense that they were running," he said. "They run a 3-3-5 and I'm used to running a 3-4, so it's a bit different. I got to see the intensity. I also went to the first scrimmage, so I saw all the progress that they went through. It should carry over to the season."

Ippolito gives credit for the improvement of the team throughout the spring to the coaches. Even though he had a strong relationship with former Arizona Interim Head Coach Tim Kish, Ippolito thinks that the current coaches will be more successful at Arizona.

"I'm really sold on the coaches and the program and how they play," Ippolito said. "I think that all the new coaches are great for the program. I think they are definitely going to change the program around. I'm just excited to go and play.

"The new coaches are a lot more intense and very high paced. I mean, Coach Kish is a great coach, they're all great coaches, but I feel that this coaching staff is just meant to be together. It's how they react together with the plays and each situation."

As he is getting ready to graduate from Chaparral, Ippolito is starting to bring out the recruiter side of him and talking to the younger players at the school.

Ippolito was hoping to take his best friend, Davonte Neal, with him to Tucson, but now is hoping that he can sway the minds of some of the high school sophomores and juniors.

"I've talked to Trevor Wood and Jake Roh," Ippolito said. "Hopefully they'll listen to me."

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