Elite 8 in the Desert: Evaluations

WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for the Elite 8 in the Desert. Read on for evaluations of Jaron Hopkins, Cameron Walker, and more.

Phoenix, AZ - WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for the Elite 8 in the Desert and there were a handful of potential prospects in attendance.


Jaron Hopkins: Hopkins had an inconsistent day, as his decision-making skills were a bit of a question. In one game, Hopkins had five turnovers and a few of them seemed to be because he was a bit too passive in the action.

In the 8 a.m. game, Hopkins played like he did not have much energy and his squad almost lost because of it.

Hopkins is athletic and while he says that he wants to play the point or shooting guard, we still feel his biggest strength would be at small forward. He is big enough to play the position, is a solid athlete, and has the potential to become a much better defender. We would like to see Hopkins improve in his decisions and be a little smarter with his aggressiveness, but the potential is there.


Shaquille Carr: Carr is considered to be one of the better point guards in the west for 2014. Arizona's priority may be Parker Jackson-Cartwright, but obviously it can't just ignore other potential prospects. Should things fall through and Arizona's priorities forced to change a bit, Carr would be a very intriguing option and one that will likely hear from Arizona soon.

When we saw Carr, his Las Vegas Prospects squad was up big, but we were impressed with his ability to control the game. Carr had the game play out at the pace he wanted to and made a few decisions to pull the ball out when other point guards would have likely forced the action. Carr did not display a ton of offense, but made a few layups and hit a jumper or two.

We can see why Carr is considered to be one of the better point guards in the region and he definitely seems like a Pac-12 player at this moment.

Casey Benson: Benson is not really an Arizona recruit at this time, but we figure we should give him some credit. Benson displayed nice shooting touch and he reminds us of the type of player that could go to a school like St. Mary's and make bigger schools wonder about him in three years.

Benson has very good vision and is just a tough kid. He is likely never going to be a real option for Arizona, but the fact that he is an in-state prospect and one that Arizona fans may hear more about in the future, makes us want to write about him a bit.

Connor MacDougall: MacDougall reminds us a bit of Harper Kamp, as he is a bit limited but able to have success. He is a tough kid that is solid around the basket and a tough rebounder. In addition, he stepped out and hit a few jumpers.

The issue here is that he still needs to grow a bit or else MacDougall is limited as a prospect. If he grows two inches, he automatically becomes one of the better prospects in the state and one that should be able to play at a high level.

At this point, MacDougall is a player to keep an eye on, as he likes Arizona and could become a legitimate prospect down the road.


Cameron Walker: There really is not much doubt that Walker is a high level prospect and should already be close to an offer. He has the ability to step out and hit a jumper or put the ground and be successful that way.

Walker looked like he is still growing, which makes him even more intriguing than he already is. Walker is going to get stronger and should grow into more of a forward role, but he is so skilled that Pac-12 schools will likely be all over him by the end of the summer. The Arizona coaching staff has already seen Walker numerous times and has a head start on the inevitable list of schools that will get involved.

Nick Pete: Pete is on the same AAU team as Walker and while Walker has more potential, it really is not a huge gap. Pete seems destined to grow into the power forward position, but is very raw as a player.

He is an athlete with extremely long arms that can pose problems on defense and surprised us when he stepped out and hit a few jumpers. Pete is certainly a player to keep an eye on and one that will get more attention by the time the summer ends.

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