Rooks enjoys visit

Kameron Rooks and his high school assistant and AAU coach Anthony Bolton visited Arizona on Monday. Read on to see where the Wildcats now stand, what Rooks needs to do to get an offer, and more.

San Marcos (Calif.) Mission Hills center Kameron Rooks traveled with his Gamepoint AAU team to Phoenix for a tournament this weekend and although he did not play, Rooks and his coach Anthony Bolton decided to visit the Wildcats after the tournament concluded.

Bolton says that the 7-foot, 270-pound three-star 2013 center enjoyed the visit and Arizona has definitely made a positive impression.

"He had a good time there and obviously that is a special place for him and his family," Bolton said. "It was good to go tour the campus and meet the coaches and see everything they have to offer. We really enjoyed the visit."

Rooks does not yet have an offer, but Bolton believes that he has a good opportunity to earn one once he gets back on the court this summer.

"We just have to continue to build a relationship and once he plays I think he will be fine," Bolton said. "I think that it is progressing towards that way and the talks that we have had and things like that, that they are very interested.

"They reiterated that a number of times and explained to us that was the reason we were invited there. I think that once he comes back and plays in July and the next viewing period, that an offer will come after that as long as he is healthy and plays well."

Bolton, who is also an assistant at Rooks' high school, may know Rooks better than anyone in terms of basketball skills and believes that he has plenty of potential.

"He has been my guy since sixth or seventh grade," Bolton said. "He has definitely grown. We measured him today and he is a legit 7-footer. I think that he just has the biggest upside. He is a kid that physically is not close to where he is going to be as far as athletic ability. That is a place where he struggles, but he has all the other things.

"He has soft hands, the ability to score with both hands, three to five different moves that he can go to, understanding the game, shooting the ball, and just having a feel for it. Once he gets into a program like an Arizona or something similar, who really starts conditioning and taking care of their kids and developing it, the sky is going to be the limit for him. It is just a matter of time."

By no means is Rooks a perfect player, but he and Bolton know exactly what the big man is already strong at doing and what he needs to improve on as well.

"I think he just needs to improve on his overall body and every aspect of that can improve for him and that will improve his game," Bolton said. "Being stronger, being more limber, just everything that comes with your body. The biggest part of his strength is that he is a good shot blocker, can score in the post, and can shoot the ball.

"The biggest strength going for him is that he is so versatile being seven foot and being able to do things that most seven footers can't do right now. I would say his skill set for the size he is and the stage he is at for his career is his biggest strength."

Rooks is in a position where there is a good chance he will add offers this summer, as he is hearing from numerous schools in the west.

"Mainly the whole Pac-12," Bolton said about who Rooks is hearing from. "We have heard from pretty much everybody. Stanford, Oregon State, USC, UCLA has sent a few letters, Arizona, Washington, Washington State, so pretty much the whole Pac-12 minus Arizona State, Oregon, and UCLA is a little bit more of a feeler.

"Gonzaga has now started to come after him very hard, Irvine is recruiting him. West coast schools are on him now and I think that is going to improve as he gets more looks. We're just trying to get him back on the floor and get him healthy and allow that to take care of itself because as along as he is healthy, he is going to have plenty of options in my opinion."

Arizona has plenty going for it considering that Kameron is the son of former center Sean Rooks. However, Bolton says a decision would have to do more with the fact that Kameron is comfortable than anything else.

"Kameron is his own kid," Bolton said. "Obviously he loves his dad and Arizona has a special feel. You can't deny that because his dad played there, but both his parents want Kameron to be comfortable where he is at. He has to make his own decision where that is and if that is Arizona, everything that comes with it is great. If it is not Arizona, then he is going to land at a place where it is going to be good for him no matter what.

"Just because Sean went there is not an end all be all, but at the same time it definitely holds a different place. His mother went there as well, so it definitely holds a little bit more of a meaning, but it is not going to be where if they offer it is over. It will be over because he feels comfortable there."

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