Plenty of competition at guard next season

With the addition of Mark Lyons and a healthier Kevin Parrom, there will be competition at the guard spots next season. Read on for Sean Miller's thoughts on the position, and update on Parrom, and more.

Arizona's guard competition will have more interesting aspects to it than last year, as Jordin Mayes is expected to be healthy this season and the Wildcats have added Xavier transfer Mark Lyons as well.

When Arizona added Lyons, there were some questions by fans as to what type of person Lyons is and Miller was quick to put any negative ideas to rest.

"I've known Mark for six years and I know off the court he has got his college degree," Miller said. "I know off the court that he is certainly a very, very great competitor and he is a winner. There are some very good players who have been in historic programs that haven't been a part of one Sweet 16 team, let alone three, and from that perspective, I am excited and eager to coach him."

Although Lyons is expected to start at the point, Miller says that he will have to compete just like any other player on the roster will.

"No one is going to promise any of these guys before they show up at Arizona that they are the next starting two-guard or starting point guard," Miller said. "One of the things I'm excited about is that we have some hungry guys in our locker room right now."

One of those players is Jordin Mayes, who Miller says should not be judged based on what he did last season when he was injured.

"Jordin Mayes as a freshman shot 45 percent from the three point line," Miller said. "I remember like it was yesterday how instrumental he was in the NCAA Tournament, going four for four against Texas and playing a big role as a freshman. Jordin in essence missed almost five months of time a year ago and it is really difficult to judge a player when all that was going against him."

Mayes is not the only player that will be competing with Lyons for a guard position, as Kevin Parrom will also be coming back and working for playing time at the two.

"We have Kevin Parrom a year ago getting shot," Miller said. "Can you imagine getting shot and going through everything that he went through and being judged on his junior year? It's almost unfair.

"I think those guys are very, very hungry to have a great offseason and be the players that I think they're capable of being."

The biggest question surrounding Parrom right now is his health and Miller says that he is on track to be just fine for the upcoming season.

"Kevin is doing really well," Miller said. "He is going to stay the whole summer and he is on track to graduate in the spring, which is an incredible story considering everything that he has gone through.

"I have some regret not redshirting Parrom as a freshman because he was having such an incredible sophomore year and you want guys to get better as junior. He has a full six to seven months to work aggressively to return to 100%."

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