Wide receiver wants more offers

Wide receiver Drew Wolitarsky will hit the camp circuit this summer in order to get more offers. Read on to see what he thinks of the Arizona offer, what he will do this summer, and more.

With the new spread option offense installed at Arizona, there have been some questions about how the passing game will work. The coaches are adamant that the offense will revolve around the team's personnel, but they are also in charge of which athletes they bring into the program.

One athlete that the Wildcat coaches are recruiting is Canyon (Calif.) High School wide receiver Drew Wolitarsky. The 6-foot-3, 200-pound junior has received a scholarship offer from Arizona, as well as Army. He only holds two offers at the moment, but has attracted some new attention from Hawaii, Minnesota, Colorado, and Fresno State.

Wolitarsky is a quick receiver and, in the offseason, works on his speed by running track. A few weeks ago, Wolitarsky pulled his hamstring at a track meet and has been sidelined ever since. He has been working with his father to get back to full form, hoping to get there before camps start in the summer.

"I signed up for Camp Kiffin at USC and the Stanford camp," he said. "I just want to get back to health before all the camps start in June."

There are a few things that Wolitarsky would like to show off at the camps, but there are also a few things that he would like to improve on as well.

"I want to get back this summer and work on my routes," Wolitarsky said. "I'm a fast guy, but I want to get faster and stronger and keep in shape. Not getting injured is at the top of my list too.

"My routes are probably my biggest strength right now, but I still love to improve them. My freshman year I got put on Varsity and I wasn't as fast as some of the older defensive backs. My coach made sure I knew how to run my routes well. He taught me how to sell fakes and trick defenders."

Wolitarsky doesn't have any leaders, but mentioned that it is mostly because he only has two offers at the moment. One of those offers is from Arizona, who he talks to on a regular basis.

"I talk to Coach Anae a lot," he said. "He's the one that offered me. I know that the receiver coach is really interested in me, but I haven't talked to him very much.

"They tell me good things about the school and why I should go there. Their coaching staff is really great and they talk about the new facilities a lot. They're working on persuading me to go there."

Arizona is Wolitarsky's only Pac-12 offer, but the allure of playing in a big conference is something that stands out to him about it.

"The Pac-12 is big for me," Wolitarsky said. "I love watching Pac-12 football games. (Arizona) is a big school with a lot of people. It's a big stage and it's good to get an offer from there."

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