2014 Rankings: An Arizona perspective

The new 2014 rankings are out. Read on to see which Arizona prospects are include, where Arizona stands with each, and more.

Scout.com's initial Top 75 for 2014 has been released and there are numerous Arizona prospects involved. Here is a breakdown of each player's ranking and where Arizona stands.

Jahlil Okafor: Okafor is ranked second on the country and there are numerous schools involved. Okafor is definitely going to be a tough pull for Arizona, but the coaching staff has put in a lot of work and is doing relatively well with him. The positive aspect of this recruitment is that Okafor has been on campus and it will be interesting to see if and where Okafor takes officials as well. Again, this is a relative longshot, but Arizona is putting in a strong effort.

Tyus Jones: Jones is the fifth ranked player in the country and while he may not be the most likely point guard prospect for Arizona, the coaching staff has put in work and went to go see Jones during the viewing period. Jones is considered to be the top point guard in the country and rightfully so. Duke, Baylor, Ohio State, and others are involved and with Jones not close to deciding, Arizona will likely hang around with a bunch of other schools as well.

Emmanuel Mudiay: Mudiay is similar to Jones in that Arizona is staying involved, but Mudiay does not want to make a decision any time soon. The Wildcats are doing a good job of recruiting him, but Mudiay is on record as saying that he does not even want to pay attention to recruiting right now. Mudiay is certainly a player to keep an eye on, but considering other targets, he could decide after Arizona already has a point guard.

Justise Winslow: Winslow may not say Arizona is leading for the 12th best player in the country, but it is certainly recruiting him harder than most, if not all, schools involved. Arizona is doing well in this recruitment, but there is a good chance that it will become a national recruitment, as schools like Duke are now involved. Arizona started recruiting Winslow early on and there is a chance it could pay off, as he is one of the priorities in the class.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright: Out of all the players on this list, this recruitment probably has the most shape. UCLA and Arizona are the two schools involved with the 20th ranked prospect and unless the recruitment becomes national, it will likely stay that way. Jackson-Cartwright has already visited UCLA plenty of times and there is a good chance he will visit Arizona for the first time next month. We will know a lot about the recruitment after, but this one will be a battle until it is over.

Shaqquan Aaron: This 21st ranked prospect recently decided to go on record as saying that he is not close to committing to Arizona. In reality, we had not heard of those rumors, but that is not a bad thing for Arizona. UNLV and UConn are also involved, but the UA coaching staff has been aggressive in this recruitment and it will likely lead to the Wildcats being among the top two or three schools when a decision is made.

Paul White: The four-star forward came in at 26 and Arizona is doing well with him. White says that the Wildcats are among the teams coming after him the hardest, and he has contemplated making an earlier decision than he originally planned, so it will be interesting to see where Arizona stands when the summer is over.

Payton Dastrup: Arizona has yet to offer the 30th ranked player in the country and top prospect in Arizona, but much of that has to do with the fact the coaching staff has yet to see him. Dastrup will be a priority for the coaches to see this summer and the general thought is that he will play well enough to get an offer. If he does, Arizona should certainly be one of the main schools involved until the end.

Jordan McLaughlin: Arizona has talked to McLaughlin a little bit, but we know at this point who the top priority is at point guard. The 36th-ranked point guard is a very good player and one that schools such as UCLA would like to land. It will be intriguing to see if Arizona goes to see McLaughlin this summer and, if so, what happens from it.

Daniel Hamilton: Hamilton has seen his stock increase dramatically as a prospect and is sure to see numerous schools recruiting him by the end of the summer. Arizona has watched Hamilton in action and will likely continue to do so. It is still early on, so an offer is not out of the question and much of it will depend on how he does in front of the coaching staff.

Isaiah Bailey: The 39th best prospect in the class, Bailey has been evaluated by the Arizona staff for at least a year now. He has a ton of potential, but is being held back by the fact that he is not an outstanding shooter. Arizona recently watched him in Las Vegas and will likely continue to evaluate him this summer as well. Should an offer come, the Wildcats would likely be in good shape for the small forward.

Malik Pope: Pope had a fantastic tournament in Las Vegas last month, but Arizona needs to evaluate him more. At this point, Pope is a player to keep an eye on, but will likely become much more than that if he can keep impressing the coaches that go to see him.

Melvin Swift: Swift is another player that Arizona has seen plenty of times already as he continues to be evaluated. He has not been very active on the AAU scene this spring and while Swift has a ton of potential, he also has plenty to prove before getting an offer. Swift is a player that the coaching staff will see numerous times this summer, so we should know a lot more about his recruitment after that.

Dominique Collier: Collier is another point guard that Arizona is keeping tabs on and doing well with. Collier is taking his time with his recruitment, which has the chance to become national this summer. Colorado is in good shape for the 59th best player in the class who Arizona will continue to recruit.

Stanley Johnson: Johnson comes in the rankings at 61 and already holds an Arizona offer. There are questions about his physical development, but he is currently a strong player that is doing well in EYBL. Johnson's stock has been increasing and Arizona will continue to recruit him as it has. Arizona fans are already familiar with Johnson and will likely remain that way for a while.

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