Five biggest EYBL questions will be in attendance at the Nike EYBL in Oakland and there are numerous questions we have surrounding the event. Read on to see what they are and more. is headed to Oakland for EYBL and we have plenty of questions going into the weekend.

1. Will the Oakland Soldiers hold home court?

There is a lot of excitement surrounding this weekend because the Oakland Soldiers are playing at home. The Soldiers have struggled a bit without Aaron Gordon, but will bring up forward Ivan Raab this weekend, as he usually runs with the Soldiers 16 team. The Soldiers should have a full squad this weekend and will be challenged right away on Friday night against a Houston Hoops squad that Arizona fans are plenty familiar with.

2. How far has Keith Frazier come?

We somewhat know the answer to this question, but it has been about a year since we last saw Frazier in person. When he saw him, he was purely a jump shooter and was not able to do much when his shot was not falling. From all accounts, Frazier is now a much more complete player, which is one of the main reasons why Arizona badly wants him.

Frazier and his Houston Hoops squad will be facing an undefeated CIA Bounce team with Tyler Ennis, Andrew Wiggins, and more. While we know how good Frazier is, it will be interesting to see him go against the top competition and see up close why the Wildcats have made him a top priority.

3. Can Parker Jackson-Cartwright keep it up?

Jackson-Cartwright has 56 assists to only 16 turnovers, while also adding 24 steals and shooting 51 percent from the field. Forget all the discussion about his size, there aren't many point guards that can do what PJC is doing regardless of class.

Jackson-Cartwright will be tested in a big way this weekend, as California Supreme faces Mac Irvin among a few other solid teams. Our educated guess is that Jackson-Cartwright will be just fine, but his stock is rising and still has room to increase. This weekend can help continue that trend as he faces strong competition once again.

4. What position is Brian Bridgewater?

Bridgewater is considered by most to be a power forward, but he does have some small forward skills. Houston Hoops will be facing the Oakland Soldiers, Mean Streets (Paul White), among other teams that are strong at the three and four positions. The key here is to see who Bridgewater is guarding defensively, as that can tell us a lot about how he sees himself at the next level.

Many people feel as if Arizona does not have a necessity for an undersized power forward, but Bridgewater feels that he is likely more than that in terms of versatility. This weekend will go a long way in helping to determine that.

5. Where does Arizona stand with its targets?

We have talked to the majority of Arizona's recruits over the phone, but you tend to get different answers in person. The Wildcats are doing well with numerous recruits that will be in attendance this weekend and talking to them in person will give us an opportunity to see just how well.

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