Nike EYBL Oakland: Sunday Evaluations

Arizona had numerous prospects that put in impressive performances at EYBL Oakland on Sunday. Read on to see the evaluations of these prospects and more.

HAYWARD, CALIF. - was in attendance Sunday for the third day of EYBL Oakland. There were plenty of impressive performances from numerous Arizona prospects.


Rondae Jefferson: Jefferson's jump shot remains a concern, but not a big one because of his ability to do so many things. Although he finished 2-7 from the field, Jefferson hit all five of his free throw attempts and added nine rebounds and three assists. Jefferson is literally a jump shot away from being a top-ten player and due to his level of effort, we can see him developing one.

Jefferson has solid form on his jumper and needs to develop some touch. Even if he is never able to do this, which would be a surprise, Jefferson is still going to be a player that impacts the game in numerous ways on both ends of the court.

Marcus Lee: Lee had a bandaged hand and did not seem to be his same self. In the first game we saw him in, Lee finished with one point on four shot attempts. However, he also came up with seven rebounds and three blocks in 17 minutes. Lee's offense was not much better in his second game, as he only played about a half of action.

We have been consistent in saying that Lee needs to continue to develop his offensive game, but he is easily the best center in the west in his class. Lee runs the court well, can block shots, and has surprisingly strong vision.

Keith Frazier: Nothing changed in our opinion from Saturday that Frazier really should not have been playing this weekend. However, Frazier knew that his Houston Hoops squad had a good opportunity to win the division and he decided to give it a run. Although Hoops lost to CIA Bounce, Frazier was aggressive and scored nine points while adding five assists. Offensively, Frazier showed a nice floater and if he has added that as a consistent piece of his arsenal, he is going to be a legitimate scorer rather than a shooter.

Defensively, Frazier has a decent amount of work to do, but it is difficult to judge too much because of the environment. Frazier seemed to put most of his effort on offense and, again, a lot of that can likely be attributed to his energy and lack of lateral movement because of his injury.

Brian Bridgewater: Sunday was much of the same for Bridgewater, as he is aggressive on the glass but limited due to his size. In the game against CIA Bounce, Bridgewater finished with five points and five rebounds in about a half of action. Often times he looked like the smallest player in the lane and although he remained tough, it has to be a legitimate concern for the next level. There is some potential for Bridgewater, but it is all about system and fit for him.


Khadeem Lattin: We first saw Lattin last year and after playing a year in Spain, he has improved a ton. Lattin may be a 2013 prospect and says that he will decide at the end of the summer but, either way, he is a prospect to keep an eye on. Lattin did not show much of an ability to score with his back to the basket, but did nicely in the post and attacked the glass well.

In the game we saw that saw Lattin play extended minutes, he finished 3-3 from the field for eight points while adding seven rebounds. Arizona offered him a year ago and he is definitely a prospect to keep an eye on at this point.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright: All-Ohio Red is a smart team that generally defends well and in a game that was basically for first place in the division, Jackson-Cartwright played his best game. He finished with eight assists and no turnovers, adding 14 points on 6-9 shooting. Jackson-Cartwright has no fear getting into the lane and is good at finding the right angle to in order to get the ball to the hoop.

In addition, while he needs to get stronger, Jackson-Cartwright is a more than adequate defender, as he is able to stay on the ball and avoid getting pushed off. The team that gets Jackson-Cartwright is likely getting a four-year guard that will add major stability and overall skill to a program.

Jahlil Okafor: We have been consistent in saying that Okafor is challenging for the best prospect regardless of class and Sunday's performance did nothing to change our mind. In a game that focused on Julius Randle and Jabari Parker, Okafor went 5-9 from the field for 12 points while adding 16 rebounds, nine of which were offensive.

If Okafor continues to develop his jumper, he may be unstoppable. He is already advanced in the post, aggressive on the glass, and strong on the block. Okafor is easily one of our favorite players in the country and will be an impact player right away.

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