Friday Pangos Evaluations was in attendance for the first night of the Pangos All-American Camp. Read on to see the evaluations of Arizona's prospects in attendance.

LONG BEACH, CALIF. - The first day of the Pangos All-American Camp was on Friday night and although Saturday and Sunday will allow us to see more prospects, Friday night gave us a glimpse of a few players that Arizona is looking at.


Elliot Pitts: Pitts started off slow, but then started to pick it up and played well for much of the game. The 6-foot-5, Concord (Calif.) De La Salle shooting guard showed a nice stroke from deep and hit a mid-range jumper or two as well.

However, the most impressive aspect of his game may have been his ball-handling. There were numerous times in which Pitts brought the ball up the court and beat his man on an isolation play. There are not a lot of guys with his size that can do that at this level, so we are intrigued by the fact that he was not bothered by ball pressure at all.

Arizona will watch Pitts this summer and it makes sense because he has plenty of potential. We want to see him more before we judge his game too much, but our initial viewing was impressive.

Dakarai Allen: Allen was matched up with Shaqquan Aaron numerous times and did better than anybody else. Allen had a few steals on Aaron and also was able to intercept an inbounds pass and dunk it.

We still saw nothing from him in a halfcourt game, but there is no way that we are going to see that in this environment. At this point, evaluating Allen's play is becoming redundant. He is a very good defender, strong in transition, and struggles in the halfcourt game.

The school that gets him is going to get a player that is already fantastic on one end of the court and could be a good coach away from being successful.


Shaqquan Aaron: After only playing one game in the recent EYBL in Oakland, it was fun to watch Aaron go to work on Friday night. He often ran isolation plays and displayed strong dribbling skills, which is something that we actually had not seen much of from him in the past.

Aaron also had a few plays where he drew the defense and found an open man streaking to the basket or was able to hit a turnaround or two. Basically, Aaron has an extremely well-rounded game and was one of the better players in attendance.

In addition, Aaron had the most impressive play of the night when, after turning it over a couple times, he decided to go hard at the basket and dunked on two players with force. There is not much Aaron can't do right now and he is only going to get better.

Payton Dastrup: This was our first time seeing the 6-foot-9, 225-pound Mesa (Ariz.) Mountain View center and he did not disappoint. Dastrup's first shot did not come close to the rim, but he settled down and made a few jumpers.

In addition, he runs the court well and knew how to fill the lanes on the break. This event is not made for post players at all, so we did not see how Dastrup is in the paint. However, we do know that he can shoot the ball well and is the type of player that will stretch opposing defenses.

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