Wide receiver waiting for an offer

Wide receiver Angel Holmes participated in the 7-on-7 tournament this past weekend at Arizona. Read on to see what he thought of the campus, a possible offer, and more.

Rich Rodriguez likes players that are fast and he wants quickness and speed on offense and defense. When he looked at the players that he inherited from former coach Mike Stoops, there wasn't a ton of speed on the roster. In order to change that, Rodriguez will have to recruit faster players.

One speedy player that Rodriguez may look for is 6-foot-2, 215-pound Santa Rita wide receiver and Tucson native Angel Holmes. He participated in a camp at the University of Arizona recently and played well enough to stand out, garnering some interest from the Wildcat coaching staff.

When he was done playing, Holmes was allowed to talk with the Arizona coaches.

"After I was released from camp, I just talked to one of the coaches about little things," Holmes said. "We talked about small stuff and then he asked me if I was going to come to any more camps.

"He asked me a few times if I wanted to come to the U of A."

Despite Holmes' performance, he left campus without an offer from Arizona. He is currently getting attention from Arizona State, Northern Arizona, Western New Mexico, and UNLV. Of those schools, Holmes has visited Arizona State and NAU, unofficially.

Growing up, Holmes had always been a fan of the Oregon Ducks. Now, he will look for a school that is close to home and has a good academic program for his life after football. One school that Holmes thinks would be a great fit is the University of Arizona.

"If they offered, man, it would really mean a lot," Holmes said. "I'd actually accept it, probably that day. I'd be able to stay close to my family."

Holmes has been looking at Arizona throughout high school and has noticed the changes that have come with the program when the Wildcats changed coaches. He talked about the coaches being the biggest differences in the direction of the program.

"Their new coaching staff really stood out to me," Holmes said. "Their new program that is coming in stands out. Everyone is wondering if this is going to be nice or if it's going to be the same things as before. I think it's going to be pretty nice."

Throughout the summer, Holmes will attend a few more camps, including passing tournaments in San Diego and at NAU. He doesn't have any other plans, but may visit a few more campuses when he gets invited. Other than that, he will just work out for his high school team.

"After the camps, I'm just going to work out and try to get better," Holmes said. "I'm going to work on my vision the most, just learning to read and react. I'll be playing a lot more defense this year, so I have to work on that a little more."

Holmes wants to make his decision fairly quickly and get the process over with before school starts. He is looking to decide between the end of July and early part of September.

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