Safety offers: A closer look

Arizona has offered numerous safeties up until this point. Read on for a complete breakdown of who has been offered, including where Arizona stands with each.

We have broken down the offensive offers for Arizona and will now move on to defense, as the coaching staff is trying to find more talent in the secondary. Here is a closer look at the safeties that the Wildcats have offered.

Tahaan Goodman: Arizona would love to land Goodman, but it just is not very realistic right now. Goodman almost has his choice of schools and with so many of the top programs around the nation recruiting him, it just seems unlikely that Goodman is going to come to Arizona. The coaching staff will still try, but there are more realistic targets out there.

Max Redfield: Redfield is similar to Goodman in that most of the top programs in the country are recruiting him. Arizona is hoping to get Redfield on campus in some capacity, but it is likely to be a battle between Oregon and USC.

Tyler Boyd: Boyd has connections to the coaching staff because of previous history with Rutgers and Pittsburgh, but that does not mean it will be any easier to land him. Boyd has a lot of major schools going after him and the UA would love to get him on campus. At this point it remains to be seen how likely that is, but Boyd seems like he wants to take his time throughout the process.

Tyler Foreman: Foreman's Oklahoma offer is his biggest one right now, but the good news is that Arizona has a legitimate chance in this one. Foreman's high school team has a game in Arizona next season and he will be taking an unofficial visit to Tucson.

Oklahoma may be hard to beat, as would an offer from the Los Angeles schools. However, Arizona is in solid shape and the unofficial visit in the fall could be big for its chances.

D.J. Moffitt: Moffitt would love an offer from Cal and Washington, but has yet to receive it. Arizona is in great shape to get an official visit and the Wildcats have to be considered to be in good shape.

That certainly does not mean that Arizona is the favorite in the recruitment but, figuring everything stays as it is now, Arizona will have a legitimate chance to land Moffitt.

Solomon Warfield: It is going to be difficult to get Warfield out of the Big-10, but Arizona is definitely putting in work. Penn State offered relatively recently and could be among the schools to beat.

We will know a lot more about this recruitment once Warfield schedules his official visits and, as of right now, Arizona is among a lot of other schools involved.

David Price: Price would love to stay in Los Angeles, but that is not likely due to a lack of offer from each school. Instead, Price will stay in the Pac-12 and Arizona is definitely an option.

The Wildcats are in great shape for an official right now and although a local offer could change things, it appears that Colorado is the main competition right now. Like other recruitments, we will know a lot more once Price schedules his visits.

Patrick Enewally: Arizona and Utah are the two schools that are guaranteed to get an official visit right now. That means Arizona is doing well, but Enewally is expecting more offers to come and he is likely right.

Arizona is in good shape for Enewally, but considering that he does not want to make a decision any time soon, this is a wait and see recruitment.

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