Wright and Chaney strut their stuff

The recruiting season takes another turn as coaches and scouts convene on Las Vegas for the Big Time Tournament. Arizona coaches are in the City of Sin looking for big, athletic wing player to fill a big need.

Antwan Wright appears to be the first choice for the Wildcats in their recruitment of wing players. Wright has all of the tools the Cats desire. He's a tall, long player who can score and defend. Although the Cats are calling the list of suitors is long.

When asked about his favorites Wright has a long list.

"Texas A&M, Miami, UConn, North Carolina, Arizona, Arizona State, USC, Virginia and Tennessee," Wright rattled off. "It's the same schools that have been with me a while."

When asked for a favorite Wright responded with Texas A&M, but quickly retracted that statement.

"I don't really have a favorite," Wright said. "I just say them (Texas A&M) because they have a good coach. I can come in and play right away. They are in the Big-12, which is a good conference and they are a good school.

Wright burst on the scene at the Adidas ABCD camp in Teaneck, NJ. His play has given him a lot more respect than he had at the summer camp season.

"I think I work hard enough and now I am getting it (respect)."

Wright does not plan on making a decision until in the fall. Whatever school he does decide on will have to have an opening at the wing, or at least a chance to play right away.

"I'm just going to continue to work hard and hopefully I can play right away wherever I go."

The San Bernardino native attends prep school back east in Groton, Mass. Attending the Lawrence Academy seems to have been a great move for Wright.

"It's prep school and it was a better opportunity for me academically," Wright said. "Prep school is hard, but there are no distractions."

Wright attributes part of his success to the fact that many players in the summer camps don't know much about him.

"I think I have an advantage because kids don't know who I am," said Wright. "They are asleep on my game."

Wright has been inconsistent in Las Vegas. He scored 34 points in Wednesday's first game, but struggled in the second contest, scoring 16 points, but going 6-of-21 from the floor (1-for-10 from behind the arc).

One knock against Wright has been his lack of mixing it up under the boards. Despite his 6-7 frame, Wright hasn't put on a display on the boards.

"I haven't been rebounding as much here, but in high school I averaged 11 rebounds. I can rebound when I really want to rebound. We try to spread the rebounds around."

Another Californian the Wildcats are pursuing is Richard Chaney. Like Wright, the 6-4 Chaney is moving up on recruiting lists. Chaney really likes the camps, especially the Big Time Tournament.

"It's great because you get a lot of exposure," Chaney said. "You play solid competition and better yourself. After you play in this tournament you can see what you need to work on."

Chaney prefers playing with his club team at the Big Time Tournament rather than the all-star format at the Nike Camp in Indianapolis.

"Here your players know how you play," Chaney said. "At Nike no one knows what you can do. It's more like ‘homeboy ball' at Nike. A lot of people know each other there. I didn't know anybody so they didn't pass me the ball."

Chaney seems to have two distinct favorites.

"I really like Utah and Arizona right now. USC is cool, but my top-two right now is Utah and Arizona and maybe Portland."

Both Utah and Arizona offer the type of team structure that Chaney desires.

"I want to play for a team that runs a good offense. A running team that takes care of the ball with a coach that works with you in the off-season."

Chaney is athletic and smart. He's a good shooter, or so he has been told.

"A lot of people say I play like Reggie Miller and Alan Houston. Sometimes Ray Allen."

Chaney is in no hurry to make a final decision, although he does have a game plan.

"I'm going to take my five visits and weigh my options," Chaney said.

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