Four-star enjoys unofficial visit

2014 forward Shaqquan Aaron took an unofficial visit to Arizona on Wednesday. Read on to see how he enjoyed it, what he did, where Arizona stands, and more.

Arizona hosted 6-foot-8, 170-pound Los Angeles small forward Shaqquan Aaron on an unofficial visit Wednesday and the 2014 four-star came away impressed.

"The visit went great," Aaron said. "I knew I wanted to take a visit for a while, but just did not know the date. I finally got to go to Arizona and it was impressive."

Aaron has visited Arizona before, but was able to get a closer look this time.

"Basically I went to talk with the coaching staff and went down to the weight room and talked to the trainer," Aaron said. "I watched their practice and saw how they worked out. I then took a tour of the campus of everything that I missed the last time."

In terms of what impressed Aaron the most, he says that the way Arizona ran its workout left a lasting impression.

"What stood out to me is how the coaches coach the guys and how they all work hard and how many shots they get up," Aaron said. "It was a guards' workout and I got to see their agility and ball handling they did and how the coaches were involved with everybody."

When describing how Aaron would fit in at Arizona, the coaching staff showed him tape of previous Wildcats.

"They say that I am versatile and I can help them out in numerous ways," he said. "I watched a couple videos of their offense and they showed me how the offense goes off the rebound.

"They showed me some old video of Andre Iguodala and Jason Terry and how they created for themselves. They don't have a stagnant offense and everybody is involved with each other and unselfish."

While Aaron was impressed with the visit, he was hesitant to name Arizona as a favorite.

"I am still taking my time," he said. "I did not really get to see anything last time, so I wanted to visit again and take a closer look. I am still all open right now. I have no one school right now, it is all open."

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