USA U17 Training Camp: Evaluations is in attendance at the USA Basketball Men's U17 World Championship Team training camp. Read on for evaluations of Stanley Johnson, Rondae Jefferson, and many more.

Colorado SPRINGS - 28 of the best players in the country are fighting for 12 spots at the US Olympic Training Center this week for the USA Basketball Men's U17 World Championship Team training camp. There are several Arizona prospects in attendance and this is how they fared in the Friday night and Saturday morning sessions.


Rondae Jefferson: Being a good teammate, Jefferson has had to play the four spot a lot in training camp, which forces him to guard bigger players than him and be inside more than his natural place on the perimeter. Still, Jefferson has made his presence felt.

He has done a good job of rebounding and pushing the ball up the floor, which is allowing him to pass to open teammates or attack the basket. Jefferson has not done much with shooting the ball, but has looked good shooting in drills.


Stanley Johnson: Perhaps no wing has had a better first two days than Johnson. He is doing it in all aspects of the game. Johnson's jump shot has definitely improved, especially from long range, and he has been great in transition.

Johnson also has been defending well. He appears to be a bit quicker and a bit leaner than before and it is definitely helping on defensive end. His defense leads to good offense and Johnson was great on the break as well.

Jahlil Okafor: No inside player has played as well as Okafor, which says a lot about how good this kid is. The Chicago native has great touch, power, and poise in the paint, making him very difficult to guard. As you would expect, his body is also a lot better than in previous years due in large part to him being in such elite programs in high school and on the AAU circuit.

Okafor hasn't had to worry much about range, but with a decent jump shot, the kid would be unstoppable.

Justise Winslow: Winslow's athleticism was on display over the last two sessions and he showed why he is one of the best athletes in the country, regardless of class. Attacking the basket is pretty easy for Winslow, whether it be baseline or through the middle, and he always tries to finish above the rim.

Questions will always occur as to how effective Winslow's jump shot can be. On court coach Miles Simon was seen giving Winslow some pointers on how to get more arch on his shot and it paid dividends in the same session. Winslow with an effective jump shot will be downright scary.

Shaqquan Aaron: The rangy wing definitely showed some good things, as he is hitting his outside shot with some consistency and is playing the break pretty well. Aaron is having some issues with the physical play as it seems that other players are trying to push him off the ball. He is very talented, but has to get stronger with moves and with handling the ball.

Dominique Collier: Collier remains on the Wildcats' radar with the offer and the Denver native has played very well on both sides of the court. He has been the best guard defender this week, getting steals and causing turnovers.

Offensively, Collier tends to be too laid back, but that has not been the case at training camp. He has taken advantage of opportunities and really gets to the basket well. Finding open teammates is easy for him and he has set up a lot of dunks and easy baskets.

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