Receiver commits to Cats

Phoenix receiver Corion Cooper has been favoring the Wildcats for some time. After attending the Wildcats' team camp in June he said he was thinking of committing soon. Soon turned out to be very soon as Cooper called the Wildcats today with some good news.

"Yeah, I committed today," Corion Cooper said. "It was just the perfect time. I just felt in my heart that it was the time to do it."

Cooper is a 6-1 receiver from Desert Vista High School, the same high school that produced Bobby Wade. After watching players like Wade, Dennis Northcutt and others, Cooper knew Arizona was the place to go.

"They've had great players and a great system," Cooper said. "I had a great vibe from them and I think it is a perfect fit."

Cooper had the benefit of working with new receivers coach Mose Rison at the Arizona camp and the newest Wildcat position coach made a great impression.

"He made a big impact on me," said Cooper. "I was impressed with the way he came off. He knows a lot about football and he has a lot to teach me."

Cooper is a confident player without crossing the line into cockiness. He is very confident about his talents, but knows it will take a lot of hard work and effort to become as good as he wants to be.

"I think I can come in and make a big impact," Cooper confessed. "I think there is a chance I can come in and start. I want to dominate my senior season in high school and carry it over to Arizona. If I have to redshirt that's cool, but my mind is set on playing my first year."

He doesn't want anything handed to him and has a firm grasp on what he needs to do.

"I need to learn the game more," he said. "That will come from playing more and listening to my coaches."

Cooper says he runs a legit 4.4 and although he weighs 185 right now, he thinks he can get up to 200 pounds and still be effective.

Cooper believes good things are right around the corner and he plans on telling his fellow Phoenicians about the team to the south.

"Arizona is the place to go," Cooper gushed. "They are doing some good things over at Arizona State, but for me Arizona is where it's at. I'll try to do my recruiting, but players need to find out for themselves."

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