Stott solid with Arizona

Logan Stott committed to Arizona under Mike Stoops. Read on to see his thoughts on the decision now, the new coaching staff, and more.

Logan Stott has been committed to the Arizona Wildcats for quite some time now. The 6-foot-3, 300-pound offensive lineman from St. George (Utah) Pineview chose UA as his college destination way back before the previous staff was shown the door.

When the new coaches arrived, many wondered how Stott would react and whether or not he would mesh well with them. Well, all those concerns have been put to rest as Stott is fully satisfied with new staff.

"It's been fantastic," Stott said. "Much more friendly than the last staff."

Stott never seemed to waver on his decision, but wasn't sure what to expect with the new staff on board. Over the past six months, Stott has built a strong relationship with them and has grown to like them more than the previous regime.

"They seem more enthusiastic," Stott said. "They seem like they actually love the game. The last staff was kind of dull, very restrictive and very shy when they were dealing with recruits. These guys are really outgoing, open and funny. It's a whole new mood and I think it's a positive one."

The coaching switch naturally brought a lot of attention to Stott. Other programs came calling, but Stott has stood his ground.

"Yeah," Stott said. "I'm not going to name names, but they're out there."

Stott is looking forward to getting his college football career started. He plans to finish high school early so he can arrive in Tucson in time for spring ball.

"I'm actually going to graduate early," Stott said. "I am going to graduate in December or January."

The Wildcats offensive line is a young, improving lineup, but the staff has made it clear to Stott that he has an opportunity to play early on.

"They told me I have a good chance to start as a freshman," Stott said.

UA has done an impressive job in retaining Stott despite all of the changes and adjustments surrounding the program. In fact, the new staff has seemed to make him feel even better about his decision to commit to the Wildcats.

"I have a firm commitment there," Stott said. "I'm not going anywhere."

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