Defensive End offers: A closer look

Arizona will likely take at least one more defensive end in this class. Read on for a closer look at who Arizona has offered and where it stands for each.

We will continue to look at the current Arizona offers and there are numerous defensive ends that Arizona is in decent shape with.

Torrodney Prevot: Prevot is one of the best defensive ends in the nation and his offer list reflects that. Location is not a big factor for him and Prevot may take some visits out west, but the reality is that Arizona will likely not be able to get him on campus. He is in a position where he can basically choose his school and Arizona is not ready to compete with that.

Joe Mathis: Mathis recently cut his list down to ten and Arizona is not in it. Although he is deciding in January, Arizona does not have much chance to get back in it.

Tim Williams: Arizona was actually one of the first schools to offer Williams, but LSU then got involved and before you knew it, he had an offer from schools like USC, Alabama, Florida, and more. Arizona has tried to get seriously involved, but it is not likely with the schools that want Williams.

Jordan Sherit: Florida is doing very well for Sherit and he is another example of a player that Arizona offered and then blew up. If people want to know why Arizona is aggressively getting commits, it is because of players like Sherit, who now has an offer from Ohio State, Notre Dame, Auburn, and more.

Marcus Farria: If Farria stays in-state, Arizona is in very good shape. However, that is nowhere close to a guarantee. In addition, Farria has some grade issues he needs to straighten out before numerous schools would take him.

Farria is a legitimate prospect and one that will likely visit Arizona this season. He is certainly one to keep an eye on, especially if he gets everything straightened out.

Austin Hooper: Hooper will likely land in the Pac-12, which puts Arizona in decent shape. Cal could be difficult to beat because it is so close to home and Washington is aggressively recruiting him as well. Arizona is hanging around and, figuring there is still an open spot, the Wildcats should be able to get an official visit.

Being able to get Hooper on campus would go a long way and we should know a lot more about this recruitment once he begins to schedule official visits.

Luca Bruno: Bruno is a good case of a player that wants an offer that he probably will not get. UCLA is a school that Bruno would likely commit to right away, but he is unlikely to get offered. In addition, TCU is an offer he is looking for and that is up in the air.

Out of the schools that have offered, Arizona and Oregon State are in good shape. It will be interested to see what happens to Bruno if he does not get an offer from UCLA or TCU this summer. If he does, an earlier decision could come but, if he does not, will he choose to wait?

Tre Williams-Brown: Williams-Brown does not do a lot of interviews, but Arizona is in reasonably good shape for him. The current coaching staff has a nice connection to his high school and it is something that the staff would like to take advantage of.

Where Williams-Brown's recruitment is headed is still up in the air, but Arizona is in good shape for an official visit as of now.

Mike Love: Arizona is Love's most recent offer and seems to be in decent position. Love is another player that does not do a lot of interviews, but it could be hard to get him too far from Florida. At this point he wants to wait out his recruitment and then take a closer look at his offers.

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