Running back has UA in top three

Joseph Ajeigbe is getting ready to visit numerous schools. Read on to see where Arizona stands, what he will be looking for, and more.

Running back Joseph Ajeigbe from Norco (Calif.) appears to fit the mold of the prototypical Rich Rodriguez running back.

The 5-foot-9, 191-pounder has the stature that generally appeals to the new Arizona head coach, so it's no wonder why the Wildcats are recruiting him.

The member from the Wildcats' staff that Ajeigbe has been in contact with the most is offensive line coach Robert Anae. The pair have been in communication for some time now and have met in person as well.

"We have met before," Ajeigbe said. "He talked to me about how they had one commit already and he's more of a power back and they were looking more for an all-purpose back and that's what they are recruiting me for. He talked to me about how I could benefit from UA and the academics."

Anae attempted to get Ajeigbe to camp at Arizona, but the running back prospect didn't receive the invite in time to make the venture to Tucson. Due to the bad timing, Ajeigbe would like to make up for missing the opportunity to visit the UA campus.

"He sent me an invitation to one of their camps but I wasn't able to make that because I didn't get the invitation until late," Ajeigbe said. "Next month I am probably going to take some visits to Northwestern and Duke and I think I might wrap up the trip by checking out UA."

Aside from Arizona, there are a few other programs showing Ajeigbe a significant amount of interest.

"Duke and Northwestern," Ajeigbe said. "Duke's showing me the most attention. Their coach has sent me hand-written letters every week. Northwestern, I have been getting a lot of attention from them too. I have been talking to their running back coach."

In addition to those schools, Ajeigbe has been attempting to keep in touch with a few other programs on a relatively consistent basis.

"I have been trying to get into contact with Oregon State," Ajeigbe said. "They were pursuing me a little bit before, but I haven't heard anything from them in a while. University of Minnesota has been showing interest in me. Air Force Academy has been emailing me a lot recently and talking about a potential future in the Air Force Academy."

The Wildcats find themselves in good position as they have made Ajeigbe's list of favorites. While that would seemingly benefit Arizona, Ajeigbe is still keeping his door open for other schools.

"My top three right now would be Duke, Northwestern and UA," Ajeigbe said. "Those were the first to recruit me and they are the ones that have shown me the most attention, but I am still trying to keep an open mind to everybody else and other potential offers."

After Ajeigbe takes his visits, he will have a better idea of where he wants to play college football. While he isn't necessarily close to a decision now, he would like to have the recruiting process over with before the start of the football season.

"When I take this trip next month, I'll be kind of winding down the recruiting process and I am going to try to narrow it down," Ajeigbe said. "I would like to know where I am going to be playing college football by the beginning of this season, but it depends on if I am really satisfied or not with what I find at Northwestern, Duke and UA.

"I kind of want to know where I want to go by the beginning of the season."

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