Rodriguez's plan requires patience

Rich Rodriguez's recruiting strategy has brought up a lot of questions. Read on for a closer look at those questions and our thoughts on the strategy.

If there is one guaranteed aspect of Rich Rodriguez's 2013 recruiting class, it is that it is a class that will be debated for quite a while.

Sure, you can make that argument for any recruiting class, but this staff is doing something dramatically different than the staff did under Mike Stoops.

There are numerous players that have been offered and committed to Arizona without other offers, which has brought some questioning by Arizona fans. However, it is something that really should not be questioned at this point.

Take Arizona commit Darius Allensworth for instance. When he committed to Arizona, he only had attention from Colorado and BYU with the UA easily being the most aggressive school involved. Now, he has offers from UCLA and Wisconsin while also receiving interest from schools throughout the country.

At the camps Allensworth has performed at, he has gotten positive remarks and it shows that Arizona has done a good job of evaluating. Allensworth definitely is not the only athlete that has seen his stock rise since an Arizona offer, as the Wildcats were one of the first schools to offer Oak Park (Calif.) defensive lineman Luca Bruno.

Bruno now has an offer from California and could be close to an offer from TCU as well. It would be a surprise if his recruitment ended with those offers and, once again, Arizona's evaluation skills have shined.

We truly do not know how this class will end up and it is much more of a crapshoot than basketball is. With so many football players and such a physical adjustment, there is bound to be some failure in terms of recruits and that is at every school in the country.

While there is nothing wrong with some discussion, criticism seems to be a bit confusing. The staff has had success evaluating players in the past and knows exactly what fits into their system. If the team is not doing well three years from now, then so be it.

However, up until that point, patience is required. Rodriguez, Greg Byrne, and others are on record as saying this is a multiple year plan and year one has barely started. The biggest benefit to the coaching staff seems to be that kids definitely want to come to Arizona and that feeling should do nothing but increase in the next few years.

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