Hill setting an example

Solomon Hill has been working hard on numerous things this summer. Read on to see what his focus is, his first impression of Mark Lyons, and more.

For senior forward Solomon Hill, preparation for the upcoming season never stops. Although he has not been in Tucson this summer, Hill has been maintaining his shape and working on his game in order to prepare for next year.

Hill recently participated in the LeBron James Skills Academy and more than held his own against some of the top players in the country,

"It went pretty well," Hill said of the camp. "It is a great experience. You get to see all of the top guys at your position from their respective schools. It is a good experience to hear Lebron James talk about his goals and aspirations and how he keeps pushing and striving."

Hill was not the only Wildcat in attendance, as the camp also gave him the opportunity to get to know his new teammate Mark Lyons a bit more.

"This is the first opportunity other than tweeting and texting," Hill said. "This is my first chance to see him play. He is a competitor. He has been there, in the tournament, and he knows what to do to get the job done and I respect that about him."

In terms of what Hill has been doing this summer, he says that he has been working with a former player and setting an example.

"I have been working out and trying to get as much in with Derrick Williams as possible before he goes to the summer league," Hill said. "Also creating good habits for myself by getting some runs in and keeping my body at its top peak.

"I think this is a good summer for me and the team. I think I need to set the pace for the guys coming in and to help them understand that I am a senior under Sean Miller. I have been with him three years previous and just help pave the way. I can only lead by example. I can tell them one thing, but I think showing them will help better prepare them."

One of the main aspects of his game that Hill wants to show the incoming freshmen is his ability to play multiple positions. Although Sean Miller has said that the incoming players will allow Hill to play small forward, he is prepared to spend some time at the four as well.

"You never know the situation," Hill said. "Coach wants to be optimistic about my playing time at the three, but you never know what situations will come up. We do have freshmen and freshmen are going to make mistakes.

"Nick Johnson had a good run previous to the Pac-12 tournament and he fell off a little bit. Freshmen are going to have their breaks and we aren't going to ask them to go out there and be superstars. If they do, it will add to the team. I just look forward to working hard and being on the floor no matter where he puts me."

Hill's offensive game has come a long way since arriving at Arizona, but it is his defense that is his main focus in the off-season.

"I want to be a guy that can guard multiple positions," he said. "Just being diverse not with my scoring, but my defensive mentality also. I suffered when we played against Washington, Terrence Ross hit a big jumper in front of me and that just showed me what I can key in on."

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