Isaiah Swann interview

Isaiah Swann, a 6-3 combo-guard from Oak Hill Academy in Virginia, is one of the stronger perimeter players at the Nike Camp. Arizona (and a lot of other schools) are intrigued with his play. When I sat down and talked to Swann, he had some interesting things to say about the UA and others on his list.

Cat Tracks: What are your top schools?
Swann: "Cincinnati, Maryland, UConn, Arizona, Florida St., Georgia Tech."

CT: Who's the favorite?
Swann: "No particular order right now. I'm just looking at them and they're looking at me. I'm not looking for any particular thing. I'm just looking to compete. I just want to come in and help a team."

CT: What would you consider the strengths and weaknesses of your game?
Swann: "My strength is that I'm very strong with the ball and I can penetrate. I can shoot pretty well, but I need to work on my mid-range game and I need to work on my defense."

CT: You've played at the Adidas Camps and the Nike Camps. Could you compare the two?
Swann: "There are a lot of good guys here, but there are a lot more at the Adidas camp. I like (the Nike) camp a lot. It's cool and you learn a lot. You learn a lot from your mistakes. Especially at the station drills."

CT: What is so intriguing about Arizona?
Swann: "It's Arizona. I've liked Arizona since Miles Simon was there. I used to love Miles Simon and Mike Bibby and the backcourt they had when they went to the Final Four."

CT: Do you follow college basketball a lot?
Swann: "Jason Gardner and Salim Stoudamire, most of the (basketball programs) I'm interested in I follow. I look at what kind of players Arizona recruits and obviously Jason Gardner is a scorer and Miles Simon was a scorer, so they like scorers and I think I score pretty well."

CT: Do you consider yourself a shooter or a scorer?
Swann: "I like to shoot it off the dribble, but if I can blow by my opponent off the dribble that's what I'm going to do. If somebody else has the open shot I'm going to give it to them. Anything I can do to make my teammates better."

CT: How do you use your strength to your advantage?
Swann: "I'm stronger than most opponents, but there are players here that are stronger than me. If I have a small guy on me, I'm going to try take him to the blocks, because honestly I don't think smaller guys can defend me."

CT: Where do you think you'll play at the college level?
Swann: "Coaches tell me that I'll probably play combo-guard more than the one, that's why I have to work on my ball-handling. I like playing on the wing a lot. You get more opportunity to put up points and do your thing. I love playing the wing. I like playing the one too. I like being in charge."

CT: How's you defense?
Swann: "My defense is about a seven on a 1 to 10 scale and I need to get it up to an eight or nine."

CT: Are you going to Oak Hill this fall? Swann: "I'm going to Hargrave Military Academy this year."

CT: Do you have a favorite?
Swann: "Kentucky still sends me letters and I hear from them a lot and they are obviously my top school."

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