Pangos Sweet 16 Evaluations was in attendance for this past weekend's Pangos Sweet 16. Read on for evaluations of Malik Pope, Jordan McLaughlin, and more.

LONG BEACH, Calif. - We had an opportunity to see numerous Arizona prospects in attendance this past weekend at the Pangos Sweet 16. Read on for evaluations of players Arizona is currently recruiting and could recruit in the future.


Malik Pope: After watching Pope, we feel he could be the best prospect in the west and, if not, he is certainly close to it. While Pope was originally listed as a power forward, he showed enough skill for us to consider him a small forward.

At 6-foot-7, Pope still makes some silly mistakes, but that also adds to the intrigue. That means he is still a bit raw and will improve because every mistake he made was easily fixable. Beyond those mistakes, Pope showed an ability to bring the ball up the court with ease and consistently hit jumpers.

On one play, he hit a baseline three-pointer and a few plays later, posted up his man and hit a turnaround fade away jumper. Pope is multi-faceted and deserves offers from every Pac-12 school in a hurry.

In addition, his recruitment should probably be national because he is simply that good. You likely have not heard a lot about Pope up until this point, but you can expect that to change.

Jordan McLaughlin: McLaughlin is a player that we have said Arizona is going to watch numerous times this summer and it is easy to see why. After viewing him this weekend, it would not be a surprise to see McLaughlin get an offer.

McLaughlin is extremely quick and seems to have a score-first mentality. That is not to say that he does not make his teammates better, because he definitely does. However, he is better when he is aggressive to the basket and drawing defenses.

Basically, it really depends on what a coaching staff wants. McLaughlin is a better scorer than Parker Jackson-Cartwright, but Jackson-Cartwright is better at making those around him better basketball players.

This is a situation in which you likely can't go wrong going in either direction and it will be interesting to see how Arizona handles it going forward.

Stanley Johnson: It feels that every time we see Johnson plays, he is improving. This time last year, Johnson did not have many dimensions to his game, but that seems to be the opposite now. We saw Johnson take his man off the dribble, hit threes, and score a bit from mid-range as well.

While his body type is a concern to some, he is successful at this level and deserves credit for it. One on sequence Johnson's teammates were not moving much, so he had a cross over and pulled up quickly for a jumper. If Johnson can consistently make plays like that, his stock should increase even more.

Andre Adams: Arizona may not recruit Adams, but we feel like we should mention him because he is in-state and extremely impressive when we saw him. Adams is a very good shot blocker and the word is that he has improved a lot since last season.

Adams is still missing refinement in his offensive game, but he is able to score off rebounds and has decent touch around the basket. It will be very interesting to see where Adams is as a prospect one year from now.


Tyler Dorsey: Dorsey has not changed very much since the last time we saw him, which is not a bad thing. He likes to attack the basket as much as possible and while it is reckless at times, it is forgivable because he is often more effective than not.

Dorsey actually has a better jump shot than some may think, as he does not show it very often. However, when he does, it is an effective weapon and one that Dorsey seems to be improving. Dorsey is very quick pushing the ball up court and is an elite prospect for his class.

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