Tyler Hansbrough interview

Tyler Hansbrough has made himself a hot topic since coming onto the scene during AAU camps this spring, and he's building his reputation here at the Nike Camp. I caught up with the 6-8 center/power forward from Popular Bluff (HS), Mo., today in the press room. He shared his early list of schools and mentioned some impending unofficial visits.

CT: What is your impression of the Nike Camp and how are you doing competing against the top players?
Hansbrough: "I like the Nike Camp and the competition is good. I think I'm doing pretty good."

CT: What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?
Hansbrough: "I think I can pull out and play any position on the floor. My weakness is probably my defense."

Cat Tracks Magazine: What schools are on your list?
Hansbrough: "Illinois, Mich. St., Missouri, Arizona, Arkansas, Marquette and Kansas."

CT: Have you set a time frame for making a decision?
Hansbrough: "Probably about this time next summer."

CT: Have you taken any unofficial visits yet?
Hansbrough: "Just to Missouri."

CT: What's your opinion of the Missouri campus?
Hansbrough: "I liked it. I liked the players and Coach (Quin) Snyder is cool."

CT: What are you looking for in a school?
Hansbrough: "I want to look at the campus, the facilities, coaches and players."

CT: Would you like to play for an elite-level program, one that gives you a chance to win a national title?
Hansbrough: "That's very important."

CT: Is staying close to home important?
Hansbrough: "No, whatever is right for me."

CT: Who sends you the most mail?
Hansbrough: "Illinois. They send me something everyday."

CT: What is your opinion of players making early decisions these days?
Hansbrough: "I don't see why players make such an early decision. There is so much that can happen. You don't know if you're going to have the same coach or what."

CT: What do you like most about Kansas?
Hansbrough: "I've always liked the tradition of Kansas."

CT: What got you interested in Arizona?
Hansbrough: "I like the coaches a lot. Actually, I'm going to try and visit there later this summer and see how I like the campus. I like Josh Pastner, the assistant coach. That's who I talk to a lot.

CT: When this summer will you make the visit?
Hansbrough: "I want to make the visit in August."

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