Cream of the Crop: Thursday Evaluations

The Cream of the Crop kicked off Thursday with numerous Arizona prospects in attendance. Read on for evaluations of Craig Victor, Elliott Pitts, and more.

LONG BEACH, Calif. - was in attendance for the first night of the Fullcourt Press Cream of the Crop Challenge. Read on for evaluations of the Arizona prospects in attendance.


Dakarai Allen: It's impossible to overstate the potential Allen has as a defender, as he is strong and quick with impressive instincts. When he gets down in a defensive crouch, he is nearly impossible to beat off the dribble.

Offensively, Allen looks more comfortable with the ball in his hands. Although he has made noticeable strides, he is still a work in progress. Too often, Allen gets the ball on the wing and immediately passes without looking at the hoop. Allen is the epitome of a team player, but he needs to realize sometimes his team is best served when he is more aggressive.

Elliott Pitts: Although Pitts didn't light up the scoreboard, it is easy to see why so many schools covet him. He is a lights-out shooter with enough athleticism to project as a quality two guard at the next level.

While not the quickest player on the court, he utilizes angles and positioning to avoid getting beat off the dribble. Pitts also possesses sneaky athleticism as he had a few impressive finishes around the hoop.

It will be important for Pitts to choose the right school because he has a skill set that's best utilized in a structured system.


Craig Victor: There is much to like about Victor. He is a good, but not great athlete; He has long active arms, which he uses to disrupt passing lanes; and, unlike many high-profile prospects, he possesses a high basketball IQ and plays at a controlled pace.

Victor has also worked hard in the weight room as his body has bulked up considerably since last summer.

Although he plays under control, he also has a habit of deferring to inferior teammates, which contributes to some of his modest scoring numbers. Nonetheless, Victor is an impressive prospect who figures to improve tremendously once exposed to Division 1 coaching.


Tyler Dorsey: Dorsey is super smooth. He's a solid ball-handler with an ability to move without the ball that is uncommon for a player his age.

He is a solid shooter who already possesses an impressive pull up jump shot. Physically, Dorsey has an ideal swingman body and the frame to put on a significant amount of weight.

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