Cream of the Crop: Friday Evaluations

Friday was the second day of the Fullcourt Press Cream of the Crop Challenge. Read on for evaluations of the Arizona prospects in attendance.

LONG BEACH, Calif. - Arizona once again had numerous prospects in attendance for the Fullcourt Press Cream of the Crop Challenge.


Kameron Rooks: Rooks has improved since last year: He has much better endurance, his body is more toned, and he's learned to disrupt shots by taking proper weakside angles.

Rooks also possesses maybe the strongest hands of anyone in the tournament. Teammates frequently floated errant lobs to him that he was still able to catch and finish.

Rooks still has much to work on despite his improvements. Although he has improved his body and stamina, he is still nowhere near where he needs to be. He also continues to struggle in a fast-paced setting.

Overall, Rooks is a nice prospect with much room to improve.

Dakarai Allen: Much of the same from Allen. He played great individual and team defense and disrupted passing lanes and had a few transition blocks. Allen was also a little more aggressive offensively, driving past his defender for a few nice dunks at the rim.

Allen is an underrated passer, as he he almost always makes the correct pass when he gets in the lane.

Although he is a skilled distributor, it would be nice to see Allen look to score when he gets into the paint.

Jaron Hopkins: Hopkins is a big-time athlete with an impressive ability to get to the rim. Once he gets to the rim, he tries to dunk and is usually successful.

When in doubt, Hopkins creates space using a right to left crossover dribble, which is next to impossible to defend.

Although Hopkins has many gifts, he is not a point guard. He looks uncomfortable bringing the ball up the court and initiating the offense. Unfortunately, Hopkins runs point for his AAU team, which takes away from his strengths.

Elliott Pitts: Pitts was forced to run point for his AAU team, which really limited his effectiveness.

He is best utilized running off screens and moving without the ball to get open looks. As previously stated, more so than others, it will be important for Pitts to choose the right school because he has the ability to become a big-time scorer and isn't a bad secondary ball-handler.


Isaiah Bailey: Bailey is an interesting prospect. Blessed with long arms and a solid build, he looks the part of a prototypical two guard. Bailey is also a strong finisher in transition and is more than capable of leading the break.

Bailey displays a stoic demeanor on the court and rarely, if ever, berates his teammates, which can be unusual for a player with his skills. Perimeter shooting remains Bailey's main deficiency. He has improved his shot since last year, but it's still inconsistent.

If Bailey can ever develop a perimeter shot, he will likely be able to go to the school of his choice, at least in the west.

Craig Victor: It's clear Victor is the best player in the tournament. He's always under control and crafty around the hoop, using an array of up and under moves to finish around the basket. Victor constantly encourages his teammates and his easy-going demeanor wears off on teammates.

Right now, Victor is strictly a four, but he has the body, athleticism and skill set to transition to the perimeter.

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