UA among most aggressive for Dastrup

Payton Dastrup was in action in front of Sean Miller on Wednesday night. Read on for an update on his recruitment, thoughts on Arizona, and more.

Four-star Mesa Mountain View center Payton Dastrup started the Las Vegas Classic in impressive fashion on Wednesday night, as he scored nearly 20 points and hit shots from all over the court.

The 6-foot-9, 220-pound four-star played in front of Arizona head coach Sean Miller and was happy with the way the game turned out.

"It went really well," Dastrup said of the game. "We got out to a slow start, but were able to make a few shots to get us going and then came up with a victory."

There were numerous head coaches in attendance and Dastrup was honest when asked if he was able to notice them before the game.

"I mean you see them all because there is a ton of them," he said. "It can be an intimidation factor, but you have to keep a cool head and stay calm. If I act like it is another game then I should play fine."

While it may have been just another game, Dastrup's recruitment is anything but average, as he is hearing from a ton of schools.

"Pretty much all of the Pac-12, BYU, Utah State, UC Davis, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Kansas State, Kansas, Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Boston College, Virginia, Florida and that is pretty much it," he said of the schools recruiting him."

Dastrup's newest offer is BYU, a school that many believe will be among the favorites for him, as Dastrup is LDS.

"You don't want to have a big head and think you are going to get a scholarship, but I had a pretty good idea it would happen and just did not know when," he said.

Although the BYU offer is a big one for Dastrup, he is not ready to narrow his list down just yet.

"I think I will probably wait until I have a top five or top ten, but no school is really sticking out," he said. "That will happen when it happens. I am looking to make my decision before my senior season or the end of it."

As Dastrup does get closer to a decision, he knows the factors that will play the biggest role in making it.

"Playing time definitely, being able to make an impact right off the bat," he said. "Also having a coaching staff that is stable because you don't want a school with a coach that is the end of a contract or might leave your sophomore or junior season. Also a school that supports me going on a mission because I am LDS."

Dastrup would not say which schools fit most of his criteria, but did point to two that are recruiting him the hardest.

"Arizona and Arizona State are definitely recruiting me the hardest because they are my home schools," Dastrup said. "Those are probably the two hardest coming after me, but I don't prefer one over the other yet."

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